RT55i pair for sale ... maybe ..

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Hate to part with them but got a unbelievable deal on a pair of nht's and the polks are just too nice to sit in a closet gathering dust ... I also did a couple of searches and saw that they actually seem to have appreciated in the last year or so since I bought them.
Haven't posted here in a while but thought I'd give the true fans a chance before I posted an ad on audiogon or ebay.

Email me if you want specifics or pics. Have some real purty cherry stands that will be up for sale as well.
[email protected].

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    How much are you asking?
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    pics man....we need pics and why are you attempting to sell other than them sitting in the closet?
    Life without music would
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    I have dificulty selling things that I like even if I don't need them. I like the polks A LOT but they were in my smaller system to begin with and now that I have the new speaks there's no reasonable place to use the 55's.
    I'll get back about the asking price tomorrow but here are a few pics I took with my fancy new camera.





    btw, couple of the pictures are crappy but it's not my new camera's fault ... it's mine.
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    I love my 55is far more than my 800is, if that's of any use to anyone. If we're talking a two channel setup, it's no contest; these speakers are tight and provide some slam.

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    I love the 55's and I'm interested.
    RTi70 Fronts
    CSi40 Center
    RTi38 Rear
    PSW650 Sub
    Str-de1075 Receiver

    Hope is on the way!


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    Great speaker, but what's with the lighting? It looks like you solarized the images a bit....they look odd.
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    I was taking pictures of a bunch of different things I'm going to be selling ... my dining room is the best place because the big glass sliding doors let the natural light in. Didn't get to the polks til the sun was setting and the easiest additional light source was to take the shade off the lamp and sit it on the floor near the speakers. Also, I really did buy the camera about 4 hours before I took the pictures so I have no idea what I'm doing with it.

    So .... ended up looking kind of interesting but it was accident not intent.
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    Looked kinda neat, I thought I was having a flashback :)
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    what's the price man??
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