RM4600 Center 4 sale

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I am just offering this to Polkies right now. I've got an RM4600 center for sale for $150. You can see pictures in the System Showcase. It is in new condition, and only a few months old. No nicks or scratches.

It has the good Tri-Lam tweeter and two 5 1/4's.

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  • spydermanspyderman Banned Posts: 678
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    If this is available I'd certainly be interested.

    Please let me know.

    [email protected]
    RTi70 Fronts
    CSi40 Center
    RTi38 Rear
    PSW650 Sub
    Str-de1075 Receiver

    Hope is on the way!


  • PolkThugPolkThug Posts: 7,528
    edited January 2004
    Yes, its still for sale.
  • aba4430aba4430 Posts: 80
    edited January 2004
    If so, what is your shipped price to GA? This one will match the tweeter in my second room better, plus it is smaller and will fit better. Thx, aba4430
    [email protected]
  • PolkThugPolkThug Posts: 7,528
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    Spyderman has told me that he wants it, so he's got dibs on it. However, if he backs out, you can get it. Total price would be 150 + 10 shipping. If the shipping is more, I will pay the extra.
  • aba4430aba4430 Posts: 80
    edited February 2004
    I bought Polkthug's RM4600 and wanted to let everyone know that it was a excellent transaction. Regards, aba
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