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Was looking at your home theater system today. Its very impressive how you have a room dedicated to that. Some day I hope to do that also but will put on an addition for it.

But I have a question, I see you have all your components stacked on top of each other in your rack and I was wonder how you keep all that stuff cool? I built an entertainment center for all my components and was worried about cooling, mainly for my Denon receiver.

Thanks, Steve
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    Hey Steve,

    Thanks for the comments.

    I bought a couple 4" 12 volt DC fans from Radio Shack and an AC/DC adjustable converter (range is 1.5-12volts). I have the fans mounted to the back of the A/V rack. I run the fans at 3.5volts. They move enough air at this speed to keep everything cool, yet run very quiet.

    Get big fans and run them at slow speeds. Works perfectly. Hope this helps.

    Peace Out~:D
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