old sony amp and mmc2104

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after spending all my christmas money on front and rear speakers, a head unit, 4 channel amp and sub...im basically broke with no chance on getting any extra money in the future. i was given a sony XM-2351 2 channel amp. i was wondering if anyone knew anything about this amp. I am thinking about bridging it and hooking it up to my mm2104. would this amp provide enough wattage, or will it not be enough and end up damaging the sub?
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    here's a suggestion... instead of being the most inept creature on the face of the planet next to the guy who said he had "no ohms" - please try searching google or any other halfway decent search engine before u schlep a stupid question on the table... the question itself isn't stupid, its perfectly fine, but the fact that you can't move you're little fingers to type in a search engine box "specifications sony xm....." and click "ok" boggles the mind.

    and as far as your amp...

    rms power at 4 ohms is 35 watts x 2 / at 2 ohms it does 45 x 2 -- or 90 x 1 bridged at 4 ohms.

    so you'd only get 90 watts to that sub... which is a complete waste of wire (equivelant to waste of sperm).

    just wait - save your pennies and buy an amp in the summer that's like 300 x 1 or 400 x 1...

    if you want one that's a smidge over 200 x 1 at 4 ohms for a deal u can have it -- heatsink case is ugly as sin and repainted, but it is electronically as new. i made sure of that... $75 + shipping.
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    man i have big fingers, and also i couldnt find any info on the amp online. i guess i am not as smart as you...
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    i want to apologize for this post, if it has offended anyone, i am truly sorry. i did not know the magnatitude of having an amp that is weak, compared to the rating of the sub. i will go out and buy a bigger amp right now
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    hey PBD, the best part of that other post you mentioned was the fact that the dude said... "I ain't got no ohms"
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    i like people that talk with a voice like Old Dirty Bastid and say stuff like "aY gotZ tha gudz cuz i ain-k-t-z gotz nuh uh-um-z."
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    Hey Y'all

    Go drink your coffee
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    Any clue how to use the internet? Found it in about 10 sec.
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    the best part of the OP coming back 6 years later to comment... awesome =)
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