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i have a minimal home theater system.. it's very basic and pretty much no frills. It sounds okay for the time being..
to give you an idea and to set up my question. my system is as follows:

27" Zenith TV
Marzntz SR5000 receiver
Toshiba VCR
Toshiba DVD player
Bang & Olufsen turntable
Polk RT800i fronts
CS 400i center
PSW350 sub
FX/300i surrounds
Playstation 2
digital cable receiver

thats is. pretty basic..
anyway, how do you guys keep all the cables from over running the room? I have all my components in a wall unit... and the rear of it is a wiring nightmare.. i think Microsoft has fewer wires in their entire building than I have in my simple home theater system.
any suggestions? what works for you?
I want to add a power amp to the pre amp outs on my receiver. but i'm afraid adding another 5 more RCA cables would plus an amp would blow a fuse or something. :confused:
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    I use cabel ties and wire loom to control my madness.. I hae 2x more stuff than you..and it takes time to be neat!.. but to me.. it cant sound good..if it does not look good
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    I use the velcro ties and small zip ties. Dangerboy your center channel is bigger than your TV---thats pretty funny.:D Just playing with ya!
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    It is nice to be neat but be careful how you do it. I would not tie ac cables with interconnects and I would keep components tied off separately. Keep speaker cables isolated also.

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    i use zip ties znd i run my inter conects down one side and my power down the other and all my spker wire i ran in wall and i have a plate witch i plug my conectons into they are 5 way binding posts and i ran a pvc pipe in the wall so i can feed more cabbles to my tv if i need to upgrade just keep your power cabbles as far away from your interconects beacues the 60hz form the ac can crupt your auido and video
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    goinganzo is da man!

    Thats exactly what I do...

    want a wiring nightmare? check this out:

    I need to take a picture of it now.

    I know this isn't audio related, but just thought I might make you feel better about your delima =)

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    I do feel better after seeing that pic above. Yikes!

    Thanks guys.. some good ideas. and some things I never even thought about.. .like keeping interconnects away from power sources and stuff. My goal before winter ends and I want to be outdoors. .. is to rewire the whole darn thing.. should take a day or two. since i don' t have a whole lot of electronics. I even wanna bi-wire the fronts and maybe the center.

    and yeah scottvamp.. if I were to place the CS400i on top of the tube.. it would probably crack the casing.. then i'd have to go out and buy a whole new wide screen TV.. LOL :D
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    Vancouver, Canada Sept 30th, 2012 - Madonna concert :cheesygrin:
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