ASL is running again YEAH!

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I stopped using my ASL for about a month when my Dynakit took a crap on me.

The problem I had with tube pre and SS amp was noise generated by the ASL. The NAD's fixed input is so damn sensitive and combined with the sensitivity of the Klipsch, the noise was annoying.

My NAD has also has a variable input which I kept thinking should be used for bi-amping to match gain. But a few nights ago I decided to flip through the instruction book and read about the variable input. NAD states that it should be used to match gain for bi-amping and to control a noisy pre-amp. NO ****! I can't believe I didn't think of that.

With the variable input, I adjusted the knob and now the system is dead silent! Only difference is I have to turn the volume a little higher to get the same volume level. I'm so happy now:D. I have tube sound again YAHOOOO!. I can't wait to send the ASL for a mod. After that the Dyna is going in for a re-build and mod.

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    That is good news, glad you're enjoying the tubes again.
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