tried Cardas method; didn't like it

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I just got done trying out the Cardas method for speaker setup. ( If you haven't yet given this a try, do so. It is interesting to see what results you can attain.

My room is small, 128 inches wide. So, my speakers were 35 inches from the side wall, and a whopping 57" from the back wall. Essentially, they were in the middle of my room. Also, they ended up sitting about 60 inches apart. So, for me to get into nearfield position, I had to sit very close to the speakers.

Now for my listening impressions:

As far as I can tell, the point of this exercise is to optomize bass nodes. I can safely say it works. In my room, the bass is without a doubt louder and more impactful. But, alas there is a tradeoff. The bass lost all definition. It didn't quit get boomy, just sloppy & muddy. I was disapointed. I can only figure this didn't quite work because my room is too small.

One extremely impressive positive to note!! With the speakers set up this way, the soundstage was insanely deep sounding. (this may or may not be good) I was listening to the new CD from Chevelle. The lead singers voice sounded at least 2 feet behind the speakers. I was quit impressed with that. But with only 60" between speakers, the soundstage width suffered.

After all was said & done, I moved everything back to were it was when I started. Not just for lack of improvement, but my speakers were in the middle of the friggin room. Sheesh.

Give this method a try, it is a good way to spend an hour of time. Maybe you will have better results than I did. Post your results, and we'll see what we come up with.
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    Is this the most unpopular post ever? There were 46 reads, and 0 reponses when I posted this.

    No one has any thoughts about this?
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    I'd love to mess with speaker placement like this but living a SMALL apartment I have to put speakers in the most conveniant spot, although if you talk to my wife she'll tell you they're sitting in the middle of the room...

    You might also want to try the Audio Physic Virgo speaker placement arrangement (described in that review).

    Also the Wilson Audio placement method.
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    Thanks tryrrthg,

    I'll give those a look, and give it a try when I get some time this weekend.

    I'm still not completely happy with my placement, which is why I'm trying these "scientific" methods.
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    If you tried "Cardas Method" and didnt "like it", maybe you should get on Oprah and talk about it.:D

    Try the missionary method....
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