How much is too much?

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I currently have a 1996 Acura Integra LS, into which I can drop two MM120s, a pair of dx6s, and a MTX 81000d which is coming to me supposedly at the end of the month. I have a few questions.

1) Are two momos going to be too much in a car that small, since I will have in excess of 500 watts being thrown at each one?

a) and if so, should I unload one of my momos, and have the
run the amp at 4 ohms for cleaner sound?

2) If I want a very solid low end, should I consider building the box to different specifications than what polk suggests? (.866 cubic feet) The thing that drew me to polk in the first place was the impressive 25-35 Hz response that I got out of my db10, and that is what I desire in my future setup. I dont want to be overpowered by my bass, I just want it accurate and strong.

I would appreciate any help you can offer.

Also, any thoughts on spare tire enclosures?

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    We (polk) built a '97 Integra with 4 MM120's. They were driven by a Zapco AG 1,000 watt amp. The bass was clear and poundalicous. Two should sound great with the right amplification.
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    What would your recommendation be for the right amplification? Will the 8100d suffice? And if so, what would your recommendation be for the wiring setup, (series parallel etc)?

    If im not mistaken, if I wire the two subs in series, and if the amp is rated at 500 watts at 4 ohms, then it will be at 250 watts at 8 ohms so 125 per sub. Will this be ok?

    Thanks for your .02

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