what are the cu foot for the new dxi104 sub's

iammorpheous2iammorpheous2 Posts: 2
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just would like to know what the cu foot is needed for the dxi104 sub's seal and ported. and or box plans for them

thanks michael (bestbuy):D
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  • chuchu Posts: 178
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    You can either call polk or learn to us winsd, I'm too lazy to do any of them for you.
  • catch22atplaycatch22atplay Posts: 130
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    For sealed i'm betting Polk lists it at 0.65cu ft. It more closely matches the power handling and cone excursion. I'd probably use 0.75cu ft sealed personally for this particular sub.

    -EDIT- Oh the pdf links are finally up and working and Polk lists sealed at 0.66cu ft. Hey i was close. ;)
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  • iammorpheous2iammorpheous2 Posts: 2
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    thanks catch22play needed that !!!!!
  • polkfan442polkfan442 Posts: 3
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    i just bought 3 of the Dxi 112 12 inch subwoofers. Will my Kenwood kac-x10d be enough power to push all three of these. It was previously hooked up to two JL 10W3's and had enough power to push those....
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