Tube Pre-Amp choices ?

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I recently purchased ASL AQ2004 + Mini Phono. But now I realize that if both the units were one and had remote, that will make things better and more enjoyable.

Went to their website and found ASL AQ2006, has every thing that I want. Don’t go by page’s content, they are not correct, as they are for AQ2004. Then started doing some research as there may be more options in that price range.


1. Have you ever compared your AQ2004 with SS pre-amp or Tube pre-amp ?, I couldn’t as I didn’t get chance to own any other. Is ASL 7/10 or 8/10 or …

2. If all tube stage is better, it is, that’s my understanding. But if you look at AR SP16 or CJ’s PV10B, they only have power drivers tubed. Rectifier stage or AU7/AT7 are not there. I don’t know what they do in pre-amp but they are not there. Any idea or does it imply something or should be taken as indicator.

3. Actualy above mentioned pre-amps can be had in that price range as AQ2006 if I go for used ones. But somehow I feel ASL is more value for money, just a feeling without any basis or logic. 2006 is ASL’s best pre-amp while AR’s or CJ’s are their’s most primitive model.

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    Check the thread you posted in the "Speakers" forum. I replied on that one.

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