Subwoofer installation Problem

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I installed subwoofers and amp and wiring today in my car, but they dont beat at all or any noise for that matter. I have tried new RCA cables that i know work, i checked the voltage on the remote wire to the amp and its 12 volts like its supposed to be to open wires are touching. All fuses are good, subs amp and head unit are all brand new as well. Any ideas on the issue
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  • DebrickjDebrickj Posts: 3
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    o and the amp light is on so it is getting power as well
  • Installer4lifeInstaller4life Posts: 256
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    What equipment do you have? Give us the brand and model numbers of all your equipment.
  • DebrickjDebrickj Posts: 3
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    2 12inch kicker cvr's Alpine 500watt class D and a sony xplod head
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    Well brand new stuff can be defective. You need to test your preamp out of the headunit and make sure there is a signal. The Kickers are dual voice coil woofers so make sure the wiring on them is correct. I assume the Alpine amp is MONO so speaker wiring to it is straight foward. It looks like the weakess link is the headunit so I would start there.
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    Yeah, wiring can really screw stuff up. I remember when I did my install, my wiring was messed up, and I saw that I got power but a few of the wires were mixed up or just not connected at all.
    As for the head unit, I know I had to turn the gain up on mine ALOT (I don't reccomend this) to get even a little sound because my HU did not have a subwoofer preamp.
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    You should test your CPU and make sure the preamp is a sign. The Kickers are dual coil woofer, so make sure the wiring of them is correct. I guess the Alpine Amplifier MONO connect the right speaker is forward. It seems that the link is weakness the car I m going to start there.
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    im having similar problems i have an eclipse avn6610 indash nav
    2 polk sr10 dvc
    mtx thunder elite 1501d
    new rca
    new power wire
    no sound at all i cant figure it out amp lights up but light always seems to be on any way to test amp to make sure the signal is coming from the amp???
    I know the headunit is providing a signal. THANX
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    2 polk sr104dvc
    all streetwires cables and rcas
    dynamatt extreme
    :D :D :D :D :D
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