Think I got jerked around with this set up

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So I just bought 2 db1240 svc with a hyphonics 1200.1 amp. Running 6.5 polk components also off kenwood deck in a 97 eclipse. Box will be ported taking up the back seat... Think I got good deal for everything but not sure of the quality of the subs and amp. Been trying to research them and getting mixed reviews...

Any feedback would be appreciated on how you think these are gonna sound. Install is scheduled in a week. Guess I am nervous that they wont push as hard as I would like. Music preference is rap/hip-hop/techno/metal..

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    As with all speakers, don't push them when you first get them. You'll need to give them plenty of break-in time before they really start sounding good.

    Btw, welcome to CP!

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    Any clue how to use the internet? Found it in about 10 sec.
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    What is the break in time on these speakers... I have done this before with other speakers and IF memory serves me right it is like 40-50 hours or something right? No higher then 75% volume or something like that?
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    I ran db subs for a while and they are great subs. I would be willing to bed at least 95% of the reviews criticizing those subs would be due to improper installation or just plain ignorance.

    My advice would be to look into a separate amp for the components. If you push those subs like I'm assuming you will, those fronts wont keep up with those subs. It doesn't have to happen right away and you might not notice it up front, but after time you will begin to hear it...

    I am assuming this is your first amp. Do you have any experience/knowledge on setting gains?
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    Break in means the world to better sounding subs(and speakers of all kinds)
    I was told around 40 hours of break in time. You increase the volume in small increments. Never use the gain all the way up, or do excessive bass boost.
    Try them at about 1/4 volume for 10-15 hours and move to about 1/3 for the next 5 hours then half for about 5 hours and then slowly increase volume the rest of the way. Not that your really going to turn your subs all the way up anyway....At least I never have.

    I am sure you can vary on volume measures and times....but that is what I did and they have lasted me 3 years with tons of beating on them.
    I even have Sony Xplods. So they were by no means expensive, I think I bought them both open box for around $30 each and they sound better than most of my friends other subwoofers they have that cost much more than mine.
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    Thanks for all the info...

    I am used to RF and JL set ups mainly and this guy talked me into these to save a buck but still get my moneys worth... He seen I was buyiung the components and talked me into the subs saying if doen right it would hit harder then one RF T2 12" running a RF10001 amp to it... I laughed but was willing to save the buck as it is my sons car not mine... (is that mean?)
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