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CapilorisCapiloris Posts: 6
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I'd like to have your opinion about the purchase of a new CD player: Rotel RCD 1072.
My current sistem:
Onkyo TX-SR600E
Mains: Polk Rti70
Shoul I choose a CD player less "audiophile"? Or it would be a good choice?
Thank you in advance!
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  • steveinazsteveinaz Posts: 19,403
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    The 1072 is an excellent choice. I've always liked Rotel equipment.
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  • dcarlsondcarlson Posts: 1,740
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    If you're willing to spend the money, you won't have to upgrade your CD player for a while, if ever, after you buy that one. You may find yourself building your system around it.

    I have a RCD-1070 that's staying in my system for a long time, it's great. I didn't even know Rotel came out with another model.
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  • dorokusaidorokusai Posts: 25,488
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    Buy the Rotel, I agree with the others. If you are willing to spend the money, get the most you can FOR your money.
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  • CapilorisCapiloris Posts: 6
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    Thank you very much!!!
    In my opinion Rotel is a great brand.
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