Russ, received the Rotel today...

organorgan Posts: 5,022
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Everything is perfect. Great packaging too.
I hooked it up to my NAD and I'm really enjoying the sound. It's not tube sound but I'm very impressed with this combo. Pure power with great clarity. I've been listening to it for about 3 hours. The NAD pre sounds too clinical.
The NAD pre is like a fancy dinner while Rotel really knows how to party with hard alcohol and mind altering substances:) and my NAD amp is amplifying the fun and intoxicated signal from the Rotel. Very cool pre amp!



  • RuSsMaNRuSsMaN Posts: 17,995
    edited November 2003
    Good deal broham, glad to hear you are pleased with your selection.

    I also felt it had a good tonal signature. Kind of a fat sound, warm and robust. Nothing shrill about it.

    On a final note - thank YOU my friend for the fast payment and EASY transaction!

    Check your lips at the door woman. Shake your hips like battleships. Yeah, all the white girls trip when I sing at Sunday service.
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