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Last night I did something that makes my film-geek friends all jealous: After a nice pasta dinner with some good red wine, I fired up my home theater and watched an oldie but a goodie -- ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN -- on my big widescreen TV in my own little movie theater in my basement.

What a great great film, filled with amazing tension and astoundingly natural acting (Hoffman & Redford, as well as incredible performances by Hal Holbrook and Jason "What kind of &[email protected]!in' story is this?!" Robards); it successfully translates an event of towering importance with deep worldwide repercussion into a truly watchable masterpiece.

If you like tense political thrillers, and really want to see some subtle, intense acting by great actors, you should pick up this DVD, which is usually pretty cheap since it's a bare-bones (unfortunately) anamorphic print (fortunately) containing both WS & P&S versions.

Especially interesting given today's press/politics situations.

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"There's nothing funny about a clown in the moonlight." - Lon Chaney
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    BTW, what is the status with your "intruder"? Still haven't moved out of the ghetto yet?

    I plan for the future. - F1Nut
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    I think she is actually not living in her basement anymore. So I'm sort of mellowed on that horrible fact.

    But I still have to move. There were other reasons: lack of space (tiny row house overflowing with books and stuff), no more tolerance for idiotic city dwellers and their trash and their inconsiderate ways, car stolen from right in front of house, too close for comfort to ex-GF, etc etc.

    Stuff I will miss about living in the city, tho: being able to sit by the water and sip coffee on weekend mornings, being able to walk to the grocery stores and the bars and the restaurants, being within a mile of the I-95 interchange, living in a 100+ yr old house, if the breeze blows one way I get the warm scent of baking bread from the big Fells Point bakeries, and if it blows the other way I get the exotic scent of the McCormick Spice Warehouse in Canton.

    But I need more room. Next house will have a bigger better home theater, too. I yearn for larger screen, bigger speakers.

    One of the best lines from ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN is when Bernstein tosses Woodward a cookie and he goes, "I don't want a cookie."

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    "There's nothing funny about a clown in the moonlight." - Lon Chaney
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