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Just wondering what kind of sound you really enjoy. I've yet to hear a system that, to my ears, sound 100% uncolored. Every component in the audio chain have their own "color".

I prefer a "darker" sound. I like some roll-off in the extreme highs as well as smooth and creamy mids. I also like my upper bass and mids on the warm side(much warmer than ss sound). I find that a little bit less control on the bass can make music sound smoother and more enjoyable for long listening sessions. This only works when the bass is very warm sounding. Less warm and slow is no good. I like the upper bass to have good dynamics. Micro dynamics is very important too. Deep bass is no biggie for me. I can certainly live without the PSW650. The LSi9 can pump out some serious bass. I noticed that the most emotional area in music is in the mids. You know, the passages that give you butterflies in your tummy:). The upper bass also helps there.

So far I can honestly say that I finally found my "True color". It took a lot of money and constant tube swappings but it's well worth the effort. I love listening to my system duing the "magic hour" when you're half asleep. I get a huge soundstage that extends a mile and a lot of depth. Imaging also sounds much better, where I can hear stuff everywhere.

Let's hear what kind of sound you prefer.

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    I prefer a slight "dark" side of nuetral, though I like my bass concise and cleanly rendered. It's the kind of sound that makes you want to listen louder--a non-fatiguing quality. It's a tough balance to strike; articulate, yet not over-bearing. I like hearing cleanly reproduced cymbals, but with no grain or etchiness.
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    I personally like black, or a dark red, or a really dark navy blue.


    I like that slightly forwards highs, kinda a yellow I would say ;)

    With slightly laid back, yet well rounded soundstage mids, I guess that would be a darkened lime green......

    I like my bass loud, full, accurate, the works, so It would be black, most definetely, no matter what shade you put black in - it's all one color.
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    I'm with Sean, I'm just flying by the seat of my pants. Trying different things, if I like I keep. Color? I guess Silver and Gold to match the trim on the MF A3. ;)

    Tonight, I'm picking up a Cardas Quadlink Power cable to test for the CD player. It should blacken the background and increase detail even more coupled with the Cardas Cross on the MF. I just have to wait 4 days for it to burn in and settle.
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