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ive got a 98 subaru legacy wagon. i wired the amp to the battery grounded it, wired the remote on to a 12v source in the fuse box. and got a audiopipe rca converter and hooked it up to the rear speaker wires behind the head unit and ran the cable to the amp.. the amp is on. and getting power but no sound is coming from the sub:mad:.. idk what to do now..:confused::confused: i checked over everything and the sub worked a week ago in my other car.
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    i checked em in the box and its still not getting sound. the sub makes a noise right when i turn on the radio so its getting power from the amp. its just not getting any sound. can anyone find a wireing diagram for me for my 98 subaru legacy wagon. i looked everywhere and only found the same one with :
    Left Rear (+) Yellow/White
    Left Rear (-) Blue/Red
    Right Rear (+) White/Blue
    Right Rear (-) Blue/Black
    and non of those wires exist behind the headunit. so i just looked at what color the wires are in the rear doors for the speakers and hooked them up to the same colored ones behind the head unit. so im not even 100% sure that they ARE hooked up to the rear speakers. but y wouldnt they be if the same colored wire that comes out of the head unit goes all the way to the doors?
    ugh help?:confused::mad:
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    look at the fuse box and make sure no fuses are blown and also look at the subwoofer wires to
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