"Rock Star"

Firerider58Firerider58 Posts: 95
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Has anybody seen this? Is it worth a watch?

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  • TrappedUnder IceTrappedUnder Ice Posts: 975
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    it makes you wonder...when a dvd is released...and its 11.99 boy its gotta be good???? I did not even pick it up for that price...sorry. I realy have no idea if the movie is any good..realy no desire:D
  • juice21juice21 Posts: 1,866
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    no desire to see it here either. a friend of mine actually paid to see it in the theater. he said it was horrible...
  • Firerider58Firerider58 Posts: 95
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    Thank's guy's,,,,think I'll pass on this one. I thought maybe it would be along the line of "Almost Famous" which, although not Oscar material, was'nt too bad. Sounds like this one rates high on the stinkometer. Thank's again!

  • trubluluctrubluluc Posts: 2,067
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    Wish I'd checked in this morning, before going to blockbuster.
    Rented Rockstar, will watch tonight and report back.
    Also rented the new Jet Li movie...
    leaping snow lizards...or whatever the hell it is,
    I get back to you on that one too.

  • scottvampscottvamp Posts: 3,297
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    Actually, it was better than I thought is was going to be. If you are really not ashamed of being into 80's metal you probably will like it. The picture quality and sound were 4 out 5 on my scale.
    It is worth a rental. ;)
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