Which box will sound the best?

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I have a RF p3 d212 and am going to make a box. Note that this is my first box so i'm a little unsure on which one to attempt... Its between these 3.

Go to this page and click the "Box advisor" tab. There they'll be a Sealed, a ported and if you click on the tab in the ported one you can select "power enclosure"


I'm leaning toward the Power Enclousre but RF is leaning more towards the sealed box, (according to there scale) but i kind of want a ported one. I'm not sure which will sound best... I listen mainly to Rap and Trance music.

I just want it to sound as good as possible. Any input is appreciated. Thanx.
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    My own personal taste has always been sealed enclosures. I much prefer the tightness of the bass with a sealed enclosure compaired to a ported enclosure. Sealed enclosures are often smaller than ported/vented enclosures and if tuned properly, just about everything sounds great with a sealed enclosure. Using a sealed enclosure will also require less wattage compaired to a vented enclosure when choosing an amp and not only that, RF recommends using a sealed enclosure. Just finished my GS-R install this past weekend running dual Polk 12's and a 1000 watt monoblock amp in a sealed enclosure and if need be, I can take the air out of your lungs as well as make your teeth rattle in your mouth. Check the link for install pics. http://www.polkaudio.com/forums/showthread.php?t=85610

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    i agree. sealed better 4 SQ. but i believe sealed 2 require more power, not less than ported..
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    Hi wilz,

    Your car sound like its ok then so the mapping of it should be what i
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