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With all the audiophiles here, I was just wondering what is the one CD, or CD's that you have, that sends you into Audio Nirvana each time you listen to it through the Polk's?? My vote's,,,,,,,,

1. U-2- The Joshua Tree

2. Pink Floyd- Dark Side Of The Moon(Hey! I'm an old **** ok?)

3. The Eagles- The Long Run(see above comments)

Any other's????

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  • RuSsMaNRuSsMaN Posts: 17,995
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    Too many to name really, but a few....

    Pink Floyd - The Final Cut
    Chris Rea - Road To Hell
    SRV - Greatest Hits
    Rush - Hemispheres

    The 'Boston' boys should chime in here any second....

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    Third Stage and Walk On

    other than that:
    Round Up - Cinci Pops Orch. (thanks George!)
    Natalie Merchant - Tigerlily
    Peter Murphy - Cascade

    and the list goes on and on.....
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    Miles Davis-Essential Miles
    Make it Funky! :)
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