why 9 channels?

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I just read a press release for the new Yamaha receiver with 9 channels. Could someone explain what the 9 channels are for.

My thoughts are the 7x170 watt channels are a typical 7.1 surround setup, with the 2x50 watt channels serving as powered Zone 2. Is that correct?

Also, is the Yamaha electronic company the same as the motor company? Different divisions, obviously, but is it the same company?
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    It might be for the two front effect speaker, if Yamaha is still doing that?
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    The 2 additional channels are for "Front Effects," I've read a few threads at HTF about it sometime ago. If I were to add 2 more speakers I'd have to find a new place to live!!
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    If I were to add 2 more speakers I'd have to find a new place to live!!

    more important would be to find a wife that can live with 9.1 speakers in a living room;)

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    screw that, lets just buy our own movie theater
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    Well Yamaha receivers do front/back surround in 7.1 Not side/back (unless they changed that).

    I could see 10.2...

    Mains (2)
    rear center/center (2)
    front/back/side surrounds (6)
    Subwoofers (2)
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    What Yamaha does is like regular 7.1 plus the front effect speakers which provide more height to the soundstage. They are placed higher and wider than the mains.
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    aahh... yes . a speaker for the ceiling ...or else called "the voice of God" ceiling channel !! ;)
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