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Can someone help me i need to know what size wire i should run from my pioneer den-p7300 head unit to my two sony explode 6-9 speakers and my 4-6 speakers. I also need to know what size wire i should run from my 1000 watt peak power sony explode amp to my two 1300 watt peak power sony explode subs
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    The best wire you could use for your sony gear is the one that will get you your money back on your purchases. I hate Sony car audio. I really don't like any thing sony, have NEVER owned a reliable Sony product that was made after the 90's For your 4"x6" and 6"x9" you could use the factory wiring, or 16 gauge would be fine. I'd run 14 gauge or thicker to your subs. In all seriousness if you bought the Sony stuff brand new, I'd take it back and spend the money on Pioneer/Alpine/Clarion/Eclipse Head unit Rockford/Soundstream amps, and replace all the speakers with PolkAudio.
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