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I bought the original MASH on DVD yesterday. What a great movie. No great soundtrack, no great cgi. Just a great, offbeat comedy. I highly recommend it.

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    How can that be? Can you enjoy a movie if the soundtrack isn't "modern", & wasn't recorded with the express purpose of allowing you to hear & feel the bullets & bombs whizzing & exploding in the exact places you're supposed to hear them, with a rumble that knocks things off the shelves? And w/out the latest, greatest special effects viewed via progressive scan? What? Are you saying that the directing, script, and acting made it enjoyable? Oh no, a heretic! Banish him forever!
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    I think Troy's opinion is very clear, there are many great classic movies without the sound effects, and DVD are great to restore the video and audio, sometimes you can't have both, ex... The French Connection is a great movie of all times, but as far as the soundtrack goes, DD mono is the best you get. I enjoy those classic movies without the DD 5.1, 6.1 and DTS soundtrack ?
    Hell..yes...they still sound best with the decent Polk center channel...
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