Alpine amps mint in boxes

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I have a couple amps laying around from one of my car installs that I ended up uninstalling. They are mint in there original boxes and used lightly for less than a year on a garage kept show car.

They are Alpine models:

MRV-T757 2-channel
MRV-F407 4-channel

Excellent sounding and performing amps. Some say cleaner and more powerful than today's Alpine line.

I'm looking for $250 a piece, plus shipping.

Pics of the actual amps for sale:
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345%3C53846%7Ffp336%3Enu%3D3244%3E892%3E6%3C%3B%3EWSNRCG%3D32334%3B3432%3B%3B9nu0mrj 345%3C53846%7Ffp336%3Enu%3D3244%3E892%3E6%3C%3B%3EWSNRCG%3D32334%3B3432%3B%3B8nu0mrj
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    Perhaps you could take them out of the box and show them off.
    Michael ;)
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    man i loved that 757 amp! Serious power for the money. If I was building my mobile system right now, you'd have an offer in. To bad I'm not. :(
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    let me know.
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    Would you still have this product at your listed price??? Would like to know A.S.A.P. still searching :)
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    3 yrs ago, doubt it. eh toxis, springs spung!
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    I'm assuming these are long gone too, but if not I would have some interest in the 4-channel rig.
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