New Products...wish DVC Subs were offered

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I'd like to say that i'm happy with the new look and design of the new products that polk/momo has to offer.

But what really bother's me is that I wish that Polk had offered DVC subs in the new line...:(

I was looking forward to change my system from the 4 sealed GNX124 subs to 2-12's or 2-15's if DVC was offered, (so i can keep my 4ohm mono amp). But I think i'll just keep what I have for the time being.
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    both yourself and adam k. criticized polk for the same things i saiid about 2 months ago...

    but i wont say " i told you so ".

    momo subs should be offered in D2's an D4's.

    the mid grade momo i dunno about -- but the "upper end" momo (ya thom call is "carbon momo" and "momo") the non-carbon momo should be in D2 / D4 configurations.

    anythign less than that severly limits amp choices.

    a D4 momo 12 would give the user the ability to buy a 1000 watt bridgeable class AB 2 channel that will beat the living piss out of most any class D amp... this would make the sub perform even better than "expected" and would in the long run raise the respect for the sub. -- good amps are to subs what good women are to men... they say every great guy has a great woman behind him, well every great sub has a great amp behind it -- and if you're doomed to class D then you can't do that...

    far be it form me to **** on class D -- i run SQL subs off class D amps -- dirty class D amps, but i made that choice consciously for money reasons. had i wanted to, i could have gotten D2's instead of D4's and gotten much much better amps.

    the key is the ability to make a choice.
    "With your own attitude it is hard to survive here... But who gives a damn, we are here to change the world, and we dont need a password for that."
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    Replace your Polk subs with Kicker SL7s.. I have one 10 and it hits harder than the momo 12 it replaced in a smaller is DVC
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