Class D Audio Power Amp for front stage?

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I’ve used class a/b audio power amp for running a front stage... when i read a note Class D Audio Amplifier Overview and DIY Example, i wonder can class d do just as well? if so what are your recommendations for class d amplifiers that are almost as good and can pass SQ qualifications?

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    What are you using right now?
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    Wireworld Silver Eclipse IC's and speaker cables
    Harman Kardon T65C w/Grado Gold. (Don't laugh. It sounds great!)

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    Clipdat wrote: »

    Are you sure that's Class D? What chipset are they using?
    Wonder if it uses ICEpower, Hypex, or one of TI's modules...
    is there a Bruno Putzeys signature model available?

  • Thank you for replies. :)
    Power, good clean power is all any front stage needs and it doesn't care where it comes from... I run huge dinosaur a/b amps because I have plenty of space to pull it off. If I didn't have the space, I would definitely be looking at a small footprint class D amplifier.