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Yesterday afternoon I spotted a craigslist ad for a couple of audio items that caught my eye. The ad was for a Fisher X-100 amplifier and a Fisher FM-200 tuner. Apparently the ad had only been up for a couple of minutes so I immediately contacted the seller.

He was an elderly Asian gentleman who was selling some of his collection of audio equipment. He demoed the items and demonstrated their functionality. After about 30 minutes of audio related conversation, I took ownership of the components and off I went.

I've never owned any tube gear of any kind, so I come here looking for guidance as to any basic advice for caring or maintenance of these items. Although they are operating fine, they are somewhat dusty. How can I best clean these items without compromising any of the components?

Here are a couple of pictures of the amp and tuner.

Oops, perhaps I should have put this in another section. :o


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    Canned air for dust and maybe some DeoxIT for the pots?
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    They didn't speak a word of English, they were from South Carolina.

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    I tried some compressed air and it did lift some of loose stuff, however it appears to have some stains that will probably require some elbow grease.glxp1tysfhvl.jpg
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    Excellent stuff, there. The amp's very good and the tuner is superb. Those two are
    beautiful, to boot. There's an FM-200B here (someplace), but it's not nearly that pretty. :|

    Not too much to say, really, depending on their rehabilitation state. If the electrolytics have been replaced, both components should have a decade or two of trouble-free use ahead of them. I don't know whether the X-100 has a selenium rectifier (e.g., for DC filaments or fixed bias supply?) -- if it does, and it hasn't been replaced with a modern silicon rectifier... it should be. :|

    The biggest deal -- don't run a vacuum tube amplifier without a load (loudspeakers or dummy load) connected. Some of 'em can tolerate it, but the potential of severe damage (burning open the output transformers) is not worth the risk. I.e., just don't do it.

    On the other hand, short-circuiting the outputs won't bother a transformer-coupled vacuum tube amp at all.

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    ^^Thank you for the words of wisdom.

    Prior to purchase the seller demoed it along with some AR 91's as well as with some EV's, of which I didn't catch the model number. To my ears the AR's were the better match.
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    Interesting -- should've been the other way around :p -- but it would depend on the specific EV model and, of course, in the condition of the speakers. There were some mediocre speakers sold under the EV brand over the years, as well as some superb ones.

    That amp is ca. 14 wpc, I am sure you know :)

    Not that that's a bad thing (and I used a pair of AR-3 for years with a similar amplifier in the basement in MA) -- but those AR-91 are, umm, meant for a very different flavor of amplifier :#

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    I have a X-100 amp as well. I had to have the output transformers rewound, as one of them was bad. And I had the electrolytic caps replaced to bring everything back to spec. Using Fisher 7189 and Fisher 12AX7 (Telefunken) tubes. That little amp sounds very, very nice with efficient speakers. Really like it paired with a set of DYI single driver full range speakers. Enjoy la2vegas!
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