Bluetooth Headphones for Smart Phones

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I have been through the gamut of bluetooth headsets the last two weeks and it's completely aggravating that nobody is making a decent one that suits my needs for under $200. So far, I've been through:

Sony C400 - awful, awful sound

Sony 1000X - decent sound, awful mic

Bose SoundSport - decent overall, but bad mic and fit wasn't great in my ear. Also many first-hand reports of failures on this model

JLab Epic Air Sport - awful fit. These were by far the most awkwardly fitting devices I've ever put in my ears. They also didn't want to play loud.

Airpods Gen 2 - best overall, by a long shot, but they tend to like to slide out of the ear enough to mess with the sound. The deal breaker was that I struggled to be able to switch to the pods when I was talking on the phone. After four different failed attempts to make it happen, I took them back.

LG Tone Platinum+ - I have these right now but I'm taking them back. They function very well, have a good design, and stay secure in the ear. Unfortunately, the sound lacks any midbass and and lower midrange and there is no way to EQ it. I also find myself pushing the volume to max and still wanting more on many songs. I was hoping this would be the winner and jumped on since it was $40 off today at Best Buy. No such luck...

Jabra is up next.


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    I had Bose SoundSport once upon a time. They didn't last that long, and I never felt the need to replace them. I agree, the options just aren't that impressive across the board.

    The only ones I would really even consider are the full size Sony 1000xmk3, but I'd only be using them as headphone when I was away from the house.
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    If I were in the market, I would try the KZ APTX-HD.
    This guy does good reviews for IEMs and such.

    I use KZ ZS10 Pro IEMs for my DAP, but I use wires, not BT.
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    I have the JBL FreeX and they do okay. I have never been a fan of Bluetooth headphones but the new Note 10 does not have a headphone jack so I decided to try.
    I did change the tips to improve the comfort and sound. Went with Dekoni tips.

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    I use AirPods Gen 1 since the first day they were available (don’t remember when that was) and I still love them, but... they are not suitable for air travel, so for that, I have a Sony noise canceling over the ear headset... mostly because I cannot bring myself to purchase anything with the name Bose associated with it. But the AirPods are not sufficiently able to cancel out ambient noise from jet engines to use them for long distance jet travel.

    I have never had an issue with them sliding out of the ear, even jogging, but maybe you have big ears (and you know that everything else is proportionate, so maybe that’s good news).

    Not sure about your issues with struggling to switch to the AirPods. Overall, I would say that Apple software improves incrementally over time, and it only gets better, not worse.

    I would never go back.
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