There are usually many ways to play a priest in Neverwinter

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Neverwinter classic rogue class which is pretty much a given in just about any RPG. A leather clad class that best strikes from the shadows, great DPS, (a concealed rogue can kill multiple enemies in one strike) you can disappear if you happen to pull a bit too much aggro, rogues also have a dodge ability which lets them roll out of harm way. Sporting twin daggers, rogues can attack from a distance, or close combat. Not as durable as a heavy armor class, most rogues can take a few hits before they’re in any real trouble. Rogues are pure DPS, and nothing else.

There are only five classes available, but more will be added before or after the game launch. So far, players can choose from Great Weapon Fighter, Guardian Fighter, Trickster Rogue, Control Wizard and Devoted Cleric. Every class can be specialized in a paragon path, each with its own advantages. For the third beta I have chosen the Control Wizard, especially due to the fact that developers have decided to introduce PvP. More information is on where you can buy Cheap Neverwinter Zen.

Neverwinter Barbarian is still a GWF, just a nice new name to make it fit with 5E; abilities and powers will remain the same. Right now, each class has a choice of two Paragons and 3 Feat Trees. The Feat Tree choices are gone! Now it will be focused on the two paragons, with each one featuring your choice of one each in five pairs of feats. The idea is to eliminate all the useless feats and focus on specialized play. The goal is to have all versions of the Classes become viable.

There are usually many ways to play a priest in an MMO, and Neverwinter is no exception. You can privilege the way of care and thus be a vital support for your allies in combat through the healing of their wounds and afflictions; or you can become a superb crowd controller by means of your powers, while swaying sacred damage that invokes the power of light. It's up to you to choose the type of gameplay you prefer, but in any case, we are here on a support class and it's clearly not you who will inflict the bulk of the damage.

Neverwinter Control Wizard is adept at keeping things under control through the use of various debilitating spells. Whether they are altering time to slow down nearby enemies, freezing them in place, or sucking them in to a black hole, the Control Wizard is a great addition to any group and generally makes everyone life a hell of a lot easier. Don’t let the name fool you though, they can dish out a lot of punishment (especially AoE damage) and, depending on how they allocate their feat points, can further increase the damage output of every member in their group!


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