FIFA 20 has been included in the line up of new games

FIFA 20 defense is the first element on which the company will intervene is artificial intelligence, with totally different management of the defense, behavior and positioning of the players, up to the cadence and their movement on the field. Players will have the opportunity to better modify manual defense, with tangible results for those who choose to personally manage the movements of the players. There is also a new system for manual contrasts called Planned contrasts, which will be accompanied by a series of new animations for containment movements and marking doublings, which is now less effective in the case of comrades controlled by the more distant AI and will be characterized from reaction times generally slower in the case of changes of direction opponents. The last defensive measures also pass from the contrast system, with greater agility and precision in case of manual defense use.

EA Sports is looking to fix this issue by nerfing the AI defending, making computer-controlled team mates less likely to make a tackle or block. The AI also has slower reactions, so it can’t easily put an end to your Lionel Messi dribbles into the box. In some instances in FIFA 19, players would be locked to a loose ball and it would be impossible to switch to another whenever this took place. The team is apparently working on fixing this issue and providing a more intuitive system of assisted switching. In addition, the overall accuracy of player switching, particularly during air balls, deflections, and crosses will be adjusted.

FIFA 20 attack more control in the back also corresponds to greater precision and realism in the offensive phase, especially in one-on-one situations. In addition to the accuracy of the shots, the developers worked on a greater number of conclusions and offered more realism in clear scoring opportunities in the area, which will probably lead to more easy goals in situations where the attacker is alone against the extreme defender. The management of external shots will be improved, which will only occur in players who are actually able to shoot in this way.

FIFA 20 has been included in the line up of new games that Electronic Arts will show at the EA Play event organized on the eve of E3. The event will take place at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles and will start at 9.15am on Saturday 8 June, and will last three hours. Also visit our website, to Buy FIFA 20 Accounts with fast delivery.
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