2 Channel Setup Challenge Part Deux



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    #9 Godsmack' s Voodoo has a hidden ending. Wasn't sure if the crickets outside got loud or what but the cymbols kinda freaked me out.

    Not really hidden, it just takes a little while to get there :)
  • This sounds fun and I have downloaded the list to my Tidal app. Hopefully find some time to listen this evening.
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    I have some spare time today so I figured I would pull the Utopias out of the box give this a spin... I am using the Yamaha receiver as my tidal source right now so... But Odyssey Kismet Integrated and all supra wiring for power cables, interconnects, etc. Still working in the source.

    1. The beginning has some solid 3d electronic sounds, alot of back rear of room and overhead ambiance. Solid kick drum sound front and center. Excellent use of front staging as things move side to side, around a minute in the upper midbass has some good textured bass sounds. I feel for me I would be curious to see how that midbass and lower notes sound on other speakers. I know alot of speakers that wouldn't be able to pull off the texture present. The clap syncing to the kick is a nice effect.

    2. Good singer spacing, center right and left and a nice 3d ambiance that spans the side stage. Excellent baritone texture, good breath sounds in the vocals. Has a nice "hall presentation". When the girl and guy swap, interesting staging use. The drum sounds, which Im not sure if they are drums or vocals have a nice backwards presentation. Was interesting the baritone moved from left to right mid way through song
    3. Good guitar tone and size. I don't like the song though.

    4. Great snare and hi hat recording. Very good stage there. Deep in the set. Vocals have a height and range to them. Vocals are smaller than a singer song writer mix but good for rock. Guitar has a good fender ish sound to it. Good grit and tone. The drums sound great and when the audience come sin with applause, good staging.

    5. Good steel drums and shakers, good cymbals, always respect a good percussion recording. Good stagingng through the mix with precision. The guitar mix is good to the far left side. The sax to the upper right is nice and smooth. Guitar to the left is also nice, good grit. Bass guitar off center to the drums. Little flute action middle left? Nice. I like the instrument spacing. Crickets? Interesting :p

    6. Good solid vocals, tongue clicks. Ambiance on par with a hall. Good backing choir fill. Drums filling in the rear center is good. Nice snare sound. Nice low bass. Baritone usage is good here, good depth.

    7. Wind sound blowing overhead, great snare and hats. Good guitar and keyboard usage left and right. The bass guitar sync to the bass drum is solid. Maybe a little effect heavy on the head singer at times. The female back ups have decent spacing from the lead. But the layering on the lead goes from congested to nice and storage later on. The dynamics of the snare and guitar are very nice. Cymbals nice and clean. Great spacing.

    8. Nice piano and flute? The bass is tight and deep. Of course Sarah McLachlan is angelic as ever. I like the presentation is that she is behind the piano versus it recorded off to the side. Nice how the piano spans center to left. Little string effect/violinist to the right and upper stage is good.

    9. Good center stage for vocal. Drums are nice here. Skip is obviously a drum guy. Good shaker and rattle snake sound. Guitar riff in the left. Lead and back up singers have a good harmony. Bell has ok decay. Cymbals are a little dirty but the China cymbal has a good timbre. But obviously the congas and such are the focus. The vocals swooshING through the stage mid way are a nice effect, good left to right vocal swoosh. Never was a gods mack fan though.

    10. Fantastic complete Soundstage plus overheard vocal fill at the beginning and throughout the song. Good low bass effect. Good right side piano/effect. The drum effects in the middle have a nice layering effect. Snare is nice and tight. I'm sure it's fake. The low bass synth is sweet. Good body to the midbass drum/bass bloom bubble going on. The bass has a nice texture to it. Snare has a nice bite... Still think that's fake.

    11. Nice vocal span and finger snaps. Good right and left usage as well as center. Good body and dynamics. The lady singer mid way through for a solo has a nice texture and dynamics. The snare/beat box and baritone background fill is a nice touch. Great entire front stage use with over side and back ambiance.

    12. Truck driving left to right, side to back... Nice! Interesting effects through out. Good layering with the drums and vocals. Brass sections are filled well. Excellent staging. That baritone sax on the right and then moves, I like it! Good texture. Like the drum center fill. The vocal effects are nice. Good wood block. Good accurate drum sounds throughout the stage. Maybe the drummer is moving whole playing. I like how the sounds are not stationary. Towards the end, the vocals that span the upper staging farther back is very nice. Same with the brass section.

    Love the synthbsound that spans the rear staging, the running water, clicks and pops are nice. Great ambiance room fill. Extremely deep bass. Love the triangle and tambourine usage, fantastic. Good electronic fill. Bass is nice deep, lots of texture. The snare is nice and tight and dynamic... Guessing fake. The choir fill is nice and expansive. This reminds me alot of Eskmo, alot of the sounds sound like they are 3d and coming at you. Alot of sound coming from behind you is a great touch, very Eskmo. Digging it. Not a fan of fake drums though. Tambourine might be real. Obviously a loop. Great texture in the bass usage. Definitely a tippy song. Reminds me alot of Eskmo. The water sounds are awesome.
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    edited September 9
    Took in more deadmau5
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    I'll be posting up soon. Anyone else want to share before I do? I've enjoyed the input so far and will be reading them all again prior to doing one last listening session before posting.

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    I was able to listen to Track 4 & 5 again last night. I want to revisit the entire list again as my crossover recap has reached about 400 hours and the difference is audible.

    One thing that stood out with #4 now, is the acoustic bass guitar strings. They have a much more pronounced rumble (albeit tight) and slow decay. Just enough of a bass note that you know it's an acoustic bass guitar...subtle, clean, and you can almost hear the string during its entire decay.

    In track 5, the bass note is centered and has a good amount of detail. Doesn't overpower anything, just has it's place along with the drums.

    One thing that has improved greatly in the last 150 hours, is the air and depth, the fine details in the higher frequencies, and the bass notes are very clean. I wish I could add more but haven't been able to listen to all of them again.
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    Am I being honest here? I only listened to #10 LOL. Not that I have ANYTHING against the other songs I just don't get as much time as I like to listen and I dig electronic music.

    Sounded good. That's all you'll get from me, I can't write in "Audiophile" like @Clipdat
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  • Last track. The bells that go back and forth actually go left right up and down almost like a figure 8. This track I keep coming back to. Amazing.
    Plus the SVS registers on The Richter scale with this one.
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    Deadmau5 - Whelk Then. The sound is very hypnotized. When I listen to it, I have the feeling that I swimming in the ocean full of sound. The sound stage is amazing. I can hear sound from right, left far beyond speakers locations and the speakers are disappeared completely.
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    Just listened to some of these again since some power and wire changes.
    Most notable change (was not only one for sure) was with Sarah’s track: her voice has now seemed to rise above the speakers to hang about halfway up my wall. The headroom makes a difference here too as her loud moments are less jagged and more poignant.

    Skip, your turn...
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    Had the house full last night for Halloween. Both my daughters friends and their families along with our extended family. I had 3 gallons of chilli and it was almost gone!
    Anyway, there were a few adults who were interested in the rig and we sat down to listen. Mostly vinyl, and some hand picked tracks from Tidal. But then..
    I starting playing some selections from this list at 85-90% full power to “show off”. Lol! You should have seen these guys faces. The imaging with little drummer boy and arms of the angel was blowing their minds. The thunderous bass in whelk then. ‘Twas fun using this list as it was akin to using scenes from saving private Ryan or other action flics to show off HT

    Good times.
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