California Audio Show - July 27-29th - Oakland, CA



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    I think it is just light reflection but it looks like the speakers center line is higher than the front edge from below the 2 woofer to the bottom. It looks like that in the Margules Facebook picture also.

    If it really does have that it looks cool to me
    You are correct, the wood on the front had a definite raised peak. It's "center line" was raised, but it wasn't in the very middle of the speaker, it was at a diagonal angle. There was a very faint and tiny seam, almost like it was two separate pieces of wood, but it was hard to tell for sure. Either way, it was stunning and looked even better than it does in the photos.
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    Nicely done review Drew. Very comprehensive. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Now I have to just wipe the drool away. Wow! Never been to a show, but I got a hankering now!
    Hey Dave, glad you liked the room reviews!
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    Part two of Bill's report:

    Strange how he says "That’s every room at CAS", but yet he didn't mention the Margules room at all in either report.
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    I found some nice photos of the Margules gear and speakers that I love on this website, so I'll post a few of them here:




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    And a little bit of information about the speakers. I wish everyone on this forum could have experienced how amazing they sounded at CAS 2018.

    "The speakers were conveying a huge, majestic sound stage with astonishing cohesion for a 2.5-way design. Closer inspection revealed a transducer that was equipped with aluminum-ceramic mid-bass drivers, and tweeter featuring low-mass titanium voice coils, and a solid-wood fronted cabinet with separate acoustic chambers for each driver segment. The Orpheus utilizes a first-order crossover, is a 4-Ohm design that is 88dB sensitive, so SET-owners may want to look elsewhere, but those with at least 30 watts on tap will be pleased at the weight these beauties can fill a room with."

    Above taken from this RMAF 2016 review:
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    And from Margules themselves:

    "Margules Orpheus Loudspeakers

    Speaker line revamped in collaboration with a design studio, features an engraved solid, sustainable exotic wood front panel, independent chambers, massive structural integrity, 2.5-way ceramic drivers, first order time and phase coherent crossovers, air coil inductance, ultra-fast capacitors.

    Ultra-fast, high audio-grade coupling capacitors. High grade passive components. Continuous cast, oxygen free copper wiring, ROSH compliant silver solder."
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