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For sale is a lot of vintage watches. I acquired these from a larger lot of vintage watches, of which I’m keeping some to refurbish as gifts for Mrs. Megadeth.

Based on some quick research, I believe some of these date back from the 60s/70s; however, the Waltham may date from the 40s/50s.

The pieces do show wear (some heavy), though it’s to be expected for the age of them. The ones with batteries require new replacement batteries. I did wind some up over the weekend and watched them tick; the battery-powered ones I couldn’t verify due to not having the batteries on hand. Replacement crystals are easily sourced online (the Waltham acrylic one is cracked and needs to be replaced). A couple of the vintage Timex pieces need new rear covers. A selection of bands for them are included, but new ones can easily be purchased online. Some alligator or NATO-style straps would look great on these.

I’m selling the entire lot for a low price, simply so I can put the funds toward refurbishing the ones I’m doing for Mrs. Megadeth.

Price: $45.00 shipped via USPS Padded Flate Rate Mailer (items will be well-packed and protected)



  • Taking $5.00 off for my daughter’s fifth birthday tomorrow!

    $40.00 shipped!
  • Saturday special—$30 shipped!

    Help me buy a new strap for my wife’s watches I’m refurbishing!
  • Good luck :) :)
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  • Bump!
  • Price dropped to $20.00 plus shipping
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    At this rate you might as well keep them you're practically giving them away.
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  • I have no use for them at all. I don’t plan on restoring any of them, so I’d rather make a few bucks to put toward a Disney trip for the kiddos.
  • These have sold
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