JL In wall subwoofers



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    I was invited to compete in CAN (Car Audio Nationals) held in Mobile Alabama in 1988 and in the IASCA finals held in Arizona in 1989. At this time JL was in many of the SPL cars

    Dig this, Todd......I was at the same IASCA finals in '89. I was out there with Richard Clark and his Caddy Fleetwood. I'm pretty sure that's when he bought the Speakerworks Grand National. Man o man I loved working in that car!

    That's really cool Russ. Funny how paths in this hobby cross. I remember talking about this with you 2 years ago at LSAF. Good Times....

    That year is kinda hazy..... :#

    How much of this year do you remember?

    I bet it's a one handed affair as in 5 count them 5 days
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