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So I've been looking for headphones for working out for a while (thread) and went with the Jaybird Bluebud X's. I found these headphones on Massdrop for 110 a couple weeks back. My parents wanted to know what I wanted for my birthday... so whaddaya know.... I got these....

I figured I've been using them for a week or two off and on so I owed em a review here.

Now I bought these for a couple specific reasons outlined below.

1. I wanted workout headphones
2. I wanted headphones I could sweat in and not worry about cutting out or dying from my super fatty fat sweat destroying the electronics
3. I wanted headphones that didnt weigh a ton and had good bass (I'm not gonna listen to jazz while lifting/biking, etc).
4. Built in mic/volume/playback control so I can ignore the phone as much as possible

These headphones fit the bill. I didn't really "require" wireless, but the more I thought about it, I realized it would be nice when biking, mowing, etc to not be tied to the phone where you inevitably end up ripping your head and the headphones due to snagging the cord. I'd been reading up on this model as well as some other listed below:

-Relay's by Sol Republic
-Sennheiser Addidas models (all of them, over ear, in ear, on ear etc)
-Jaybird X
-Jaybird Freedom Sprint
-Polk Ultrafit models - all (owned the 3k twice before - dog(s) ate them... twice)
-a bunch of others I cant remember

I really dug into most of the cheaper headphones from this link as they had a bunch of other referenced articles with other models to look at and compare, etc....

Now I need to preface the next section with the following: In general I HATE IEM's. I dont know if my ears are just fugly and quirky on the inside or what, but I cant find a pair that fits & seals decent and doesn't make me want to rip the headphones out after a couple songs.


Upon receiving them the packaging for these is top notch, and makes you feel like your opening something special. You get a couple sets of plastic earbuds in different sizes, as well as the funky "wings" meant to help secure the headphones when running/moving and a charging cable.

You dont have to use the wings but I found they honestly aren't that intrusive so I left them on once I hammered down which of the 4 options worked for me (small, medium, large, hefty). - For the record, I'm a small :blush:

The charging cable they come with is short, connects quite nice to charge. Mine came with a carrying case which again was quite nice and unexpected. Its got a magnetic clasp that holds quite nice. There is enough space for the headphones, charging cable and even a couple pairs of the pads if you wanted.

You also get a couple clips for use when running the cord over your ears that allow you to shorten it so it doesnt sit on the back of your neck. I haven't played with those yet.


These are a set of headphones you really have to sit down and USE to find which earpads fit, if you like the wings, etc. I spent a couple hours just playing around with different combinations.

There are video's on the manufacture website to show you different setups for listening to them and I find I am switching between the under ear and over ear setups still trying to hammer down which I like better.

The fit is better than just about all other IEM's I've used but I mostly use cheap stuff, cause well..... I'm a "budget" audiophile with dreams of making it "big" someday :grin: ......

So far when walking around the office they haven't fallen out or felt unsecured. They also havent really started hurting TOO bad... since I am unfamiliar with IEM's in general I will say I'm sure they are about par for the course on "pain" since well... your ear isnt meant to stick things in lol......

I've read that lots of folks buy the comply earpads to replace these plastic ones I am using and they help seal better (if thats possible) and alleviate some of the uncomfortableness so thats likely next on my list to do.

**ONLY ISSUE** when using the "over the ear" setup the volume controls are basically inaccessible since they fall behind your ear. I'm just not skilled enough to get the right buttons, etc. Maybe you are, or maybe you set the volume once, dont need to answer calls ever and its not an issue. Just something worth mentioning. When using the under the ear setup the controls are at a very easy to reach location and are all good, you just have a longer cord which hangs on the back of your neck.


This will be simple.... they are bluetooth, you turn em on, your phone pairs to them and your good. There will be an icon on your phone to show they are connected, as well as their charge level. Works easy peasy, no trouble for me.

Charging is relatively simple, plug in the cord to the headphone with the volume control and charge. Charge is supposed to be good for 6-8 hours, I haven't really tested that much. I check em the day before I know I need to use em and if needed charge em. Charging takes an hour or two depending on battery level.


Honestly cant speak much about this, at work when using these, I'm not gonna answer my cell or use most of the other button shortcuts besides the volume up and down. I haven't gotten them on the trails just yet but hope to shortly and will update when that happens.

Sound Quality:

Ok, so you know I HATE DISLIKE IEMS.....

These are a different story. They seal good (so I cant hear ANYTHING), the bass is REMARKABLE and the overall balance is quite nice. Again these are getting used for workout and work headphones where I'm listing to my standard Techno, Dubstep, etc. I dont do a lot of jazz, classical, etc. Rock also sounds quite nice through these as does Hip-Hop.

I'd say if I had to guess these are NOT going to be "super accurate" headphones as their target is folks working out who want the loud bass to help them continue working out. That said they are getting great reviews overall so they may just do classical and jazz just as well, however they are bass heavy IMHO (and I like that a LOT)

Overall sound quality is quite good and I like them a "little" better than my Beyerdynamic DT-770's (but those are much more comfy and can handle a LOT more power and volume via a outboard headphone amp).

I will say you are (or at least I am) distinctly aware of the lack of a true "surround" soundstage. You can tell the music is living between your ears, not in front of you or even surrounding you. However I wont say listening to these is not an enjoyable experience, again target audience and all. I'm not looking for a experience where I point to where the person is singing from in front/to the side of me, etc, just good quality sound and portability and these have that in spades.

If I wanted that type of experience I'd be looking for some other headphones that will invariably cost a lot more.

I've yet to have any drop-outs audio wise and the range is about 30 feet on them, so you can get up and move around from your phone and not worry much about losing signal.

Additional notes:

The fact these have a lifetime warranty was quite addition. That said make sure you buy from an AUTHORIZED DEALER, or that is moot.

These are "sweat resistant" - note I didnt say waterproof. Your not supposed to go swimming with these but they should handle decent with sweat, occasional rain outside, etc.

So thats my little review of these. I'm enjoying them, giving them time to find the "right" fit, but I dont think they will be going back.
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