Upcoming Led Zeppelin reissues



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    These will be the last needed Tony. (Unless they do these remasters on SHM-SACD)! :lol:
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    My response is: If you need 60 seconds to respond in one sentence, you probably should't be evaluating Polk speakers.....

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    Brock, I tried replying to you but your mailbox was full. Just let me know.
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    Neil, it's cleared and I did send a PM. I get back with you after the 30th. But I'm sure I'll take all 3, just don't want any dups in case I get them for my Bday.


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    F1nut wrote: »
    You got lucky.

    No scratches, not even a fingerprint on my CD/SACD's.

    he,he,, bring em to NC,, we can fix that!
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    I know I’m late to the game on this one but I just picked up the whole library. These sound pretty amazing versus the releases that I had prior. Definitely worth the purchase. I was crankin them pretty loud last night.
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    Yup. You’re definitely late to the game! Glad you’re enjoying!
    Good music, a good source, and good power can make SDA's sing. Tubes make them dance.
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