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  • Re: This place is dead

    The social justice hypocritical warrior has had much to do with it. Unreasonable, hypocritical and has not one clue with what he is doing. Not one. Almost got me to leave after 10 years of being a contributing member here with one of his recent extremely unreasonable requests to a fellow member of this forum. Unreasonable would be an understatement.

    Vanilla was a big hit. Big.

    The severely misguided blaming of the senior members for Polk losing customers was another big hit.

    CS recent downfall (improved lately) to sub par service was another hit after decades of a stellar service dept. reputation.

    The loss of Polk related documents, schematics and the gold mine of information that once used to be easily found was another big hit.

    The fact that the link to the forum is hidden waaaaaay down at the bottom of Polk's main page is another hit.

    Add them all together and what you get is a ghost town.

  • Re: Parasound 2250 v2 or Adcom GFA-555 II Carver TFM-45

    pitdogg2 wrote: »
    treitz3 wrote: »
    The Carver M4.0t is reputed as one of the best sounding amps within the lineup of standard Carver amps and I personally prefer the M4.0t to the TFM-45, even though the TFM-45 was emulated to sound like the famed Silver Seven tube amps. The M4.0t simply sounds better to these ears and presents a well balanced, pleasant to the ears sonic signature. Adcom amps are not what you would consider warm (read bright) and you already stated that you do not prefer the sound of the Parasound amp you have.

    Out of the choices you presented? I would choose the Carver M4.0t.

    With your price range, I would try to find a Musical Fidelity A3cr and call it a day.


    Tom I'd like to know how they are different? It has always been my understanding they are the same inside. 4.0t was a anthracite gray in color and the TFM as well all know was Black. I might be mistaken but I was sure Roland had told me they were internally the same creature. Were they voiced differently?

    Hi pitdogg2. The TFM 5 series were all emulated to sound like the Silver Seven tube amps (15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 75) and Jesse is 100% correct. They may have been made to emulate the tube amps but the differences between the actual Silver Sevens and the TFM 5 series are vast.

    It has always been my understanding that the M4.0t and the TFM-42 with the weird strobe lights in the front were emulated to sound like another amp that escapes me at the moment.

    The M1.0 was emulated to sound like Bob wanted and the M1.0t to emulate the sound of the Conrad Johnson Premier 5 after winning the famous Carver challenge against Stereophile magazine and their "Golden Ears" many moons ago in a hotel room over the course of three or 4 days.

    FWIW, the M1.0t is the least favorite amp of mine (and many other share this observation) unless you are using it to power a sub or something. The linear frequency curve and sonic signature, shall we say, bright. Yes, we will call it bright.

    With that said, my two favorite sonic signatures and overall sound characteristics within the mainstream Carver amps are the M-500t and the M4.0t. My favorite rare Carver amps are the Silver 7's and the Silver 9 tube amps that still get critical acclaim after all these years.


  • Re: The search for the perfect listening chair is over...

    halen wrote: »

    What's your setup today? Specifically, speakers. Thanks.
    Hi Halen. My main speakers are Tyler Acoustic Signature Series Lynbrook edition, 1 piece in Ribbon Mahogany, completely gutted, rebuilt, refinished with custom built external upgraded crossovers, spiked and w/each shelf on a suspension chassis. See below for subs.

    PS - Richard Grey 400Pro Power Supply to -
    CDP - Marantz SA-7S1 Super Audio CDP w/Transparent Reference IC's to Pre -
    Server - Node 2 NAP w/Transparent Gen5 Optical cable to a Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 21 Tube DAC w/ Transparent Reference IC's to Pre-
    TT - Music Hall MMF-5 w/ Goldring 1012Gx cart, "The Clamp", isolation footing, the 25th AE Nitty Gritty DS RCM in Jatoba and smoked cover with the "Shark" and Soniclean steam cleaner to Jolida JD9 MkII tubed phono pre w/ Transparent Reference IC's to Pre -
    PRE - Dodd Audio MLP tubed pre-amplifier with 4ea. Ei 12AX7 Gold Pins, isolation footings w/ custom cord to separate PS and pre. w/ Transparent Reference IC's to -
    AMP - Musical Fidelity A3cr Dual Mono choke regulated SS amplifier w/ Transparent Musicwave Ultra SC's to -
    SPEAKERS - Tyler Acoustics Lynbrook Sig. Series in Ribbon Mahogany, spiked with a custom built and upgraded crossover unit in conjunction to stereo set of Tyler Acoustic custom subs w/Seas 12" woofers, 500w plate amp each, spiked and on Target stands w/ AQ King Cobra 12' IC's coming from the MF AC3r to the subs.

    All but the speaker, subs and crossover units are on an Elite stand (model number unknown) and located in a dedicated room in the former MBR of the house. The only things in the room are two plants at the first reflection points, the stereo, the RCM and stand and CD's located to the left of the listening position. All spare parts, tubes, gear, more CD's and a plethora of LP's are located in the walk in closet.

    Dual or triple 20 amp dedicated lines and 2ea Rythmik F-25 subs being planned as we speak. Also on the hunt for a mint Musical Fidelity 750w amplifier that is not located in Canada (Customs, duty fees, power of attorney, misc BS charges and shipping are WAY too much). Might have to wait a while for this one...

    Forgive me for any mis-prints or wrong information. I am getting old and most of this was all off of memory. Should be correct though. I'll call you if you are available tonight or feel free to call anytime (up to 12:00am)

  • The search for the perfect listening chair is over...

    Hello everybody. Just chiming in to say that after an exhaustive search finding a listening chair that was made for me and my body, I have finally found the chair for me. I was in the market for a chair that had a low back, was comfortable and had a recliner for those longer listening sessions. The prices of the chairs I looked at ranged from $600 to over 3K. The issue I kept having was two fold. Either the chair was simply uncomfortable, too wide or (most common) when you put the leg rest in the up position, there was a pressure point that dug into one part of your heel, subcalcaneal tendon or your calcaneal tendon. This is the main issue I have with my current listening chair.

    I went through hundreds of chairs that some or all all of these issues were present and after a time, I stopped looking at cost. I just concentrated on fit.

    Well, today I stumbled across a chair that was right up my alley. The leg rest on this one supports the lower leg very comfortably over a span of about a foot and with plenty of cushion to help distribute the weight. Simply put, it was heavenly to lift up the legs and have this chair support them. No pressure points whatsover and you didn't have to readjust your body toward the front or back of the chair to experience this. I tested it out about 15 times and all 15 times I sat down, whether I was forward, tucked way back, off to one side, angled....whatever, it was extremely comfortable each time.

    The back is lower than the ears but only by about 4-6 inches and increases when the back goes further back into the reclining position. It is powered and the button is off to the right of the chair in a natural location. In other words, you didn't have to run your hand all over the side of the chair to find it. It's located right where one would expect it to be. Now I will admit, it not the sharpest looking chair out there that I ran across (I do like the looks of the more modern chairs) but I didn't purchase it for looks, I purchased it solely on fit, how comfortable it was and function. Here she is...

    It's a Lane "Eureka" power recliner and the color escapes me at the moment. The power function is whisper quiet and I detected no noise at all when reclining while in the store. This may change at home in a quieter atmosphere but it is quiet enough to where I do not think this will be a problem. Finally, after an untold amount of stores, boutiques, consignment stores, high end stores (you name it, I was there) in 3 different states and after sitting in well over 200 chairs, I have found the one for me.

    The only thing I wish this chair had was storage in the arms, some outlets within the storage chamber, USB ports and a cup holder. The problem I ran into with all of the chairs that had this was that they were mostly cloth (no go for me) and they were completely uncomfortable or seemingly built for a seven foot tall man that weighed close to 500 lbs. One chair I sat in I swear was close to 3' wide in between the armrests. I had to fall over to one side just to reach the armrest. That made no sense at all and to boot, it was as comfortable as sitting on concrete and the cushion was about 6" too long. Whatever.

    My search is over and now I can actually listen in a chair that is fit for me and my body. FYI, cost was not that bad. About 750 with tax.

    [UPDATE] I set it up in the listening position and the strangest thing happened as soon as I started playing the same track from the Yellowjackets "Best of" album from last night. The acoustics to what hits the ears have changed. Nothing dramatic but still, a change none the less and clearly (to me) noticeable. Kind of curious as to why this would happen with just a change in a chair but to me, is definitely interesting. Also was pleasantly surprised to hear just a faint hint of the motor when reclining and the stereo turned off. Was even more pleasantly surprised when I found out that this chair is a combination rocker/recliner. I guess I never noticed it was a rocker due to the fact that it was squeezed in to a row of chairs so tight that a gnat would have a hard time getting through the space between the rows of chairs.

    It is extremely comfortable (to me).

    What do you guys use for a listening chair?

  • Re: Im getting irrate

    Personally, I think this thread should be printed out and hand delivered to the alphabet soup of Polk and it's parent company. The CEO, CFO, CPO, CIO, Pres, VP and even Directors and managers of any involved departments.

    Polk has a problem and as mentioned before, it's not because of this forum or an avatar, the forum moderation or any other reason offered by some Polk representatives to the forum long term members.

    Look, I have no stake in this game. I'm not making any money off posting here. I've already made lifelong friends here that will remain with me whether this forum stays or goes. In other words, it does not matter to me which direction you go.

    What I do care about is being blamed for something that we used to be part of the SOLUTION for Polk.

    I can't tell you how many times over the years folks have chimed in and asked a question that didn't get answered in a timely manner (according to the new member with the issue/inquiry) and it seemed as if they were getting even more aggravated, as evidenced through their posts. Long term, dedicated members have taken the time out of their day to talk to the right person at Polk, get things answered or at the very least, phone calls made to make Polk CS or someone at Polk aware that there was an issue on the Polk forum that needed attention sooner rather than later.

    The members here chimed in one by one, comforting and reassuring them that they were in good hands, that Polk had a solid reputation of a “Top Notch” CS department and that they would be taken care of in short order. We said it because we believed it.

    I remember this one thread where a guy overseas was having an issue with contacting Polk form overseas. He was advised to call, not email for fastest service. Well, he couldn’t call during normal Polk hours due to the time difference, being at work and associated costs of said phone call or something to that effect. Basically, he couldn’t call when asked. A long-standing member took the time out of their busy day to personally call Polk HQ and apparently got ahold of the right person who provided this new member with the local Polk representative/service department overseas.

    In other words, the membership here had Polk’s back.

    Honestly, the recent history with Polk and the issues I and other long-term members have seen here since the company was sold has shown a shift from a once great relationship with forum members and CS issues/retaining and gaining more Polk customers along with a solid belief that the customer would have been taken care of because of Polk’s long standing top notch CS to where we are today.

    Take a look at this thread for a reflection of where we are today. The evidence should be blatantly clear to any of the alphabet soup or executive at Polk or its parent companies. The same long-term members that had Polk’s back no longer believe that the newly joined forum members that have issues/complaints/inquiries with Polk products will be taken care of. Why? Again, look at this thread and others on this forum as of late. There are plenty of recent ones to refernce

    Then go back and look at the threads from before Polk was sold. COMPLETELY different response from members and you could clearly tell that the long-term members had Polk’s back.

    Even the scarecrow from the movie, the Wizard of Oz could figure out what has gone on over the years. If it’s going to change, then some folks need to stop and reflect on where the problem lays. Man up, show the alphabet soup where the problem is and offer a real solution. The solution is to get Polk’s reputation for a great product backed by top notch CS where it was before.

    Otherwise Polk isn’t going to be around to address the petty and unrealistic, so called “problem” of an avatar. It’s time to stop pointing fingers. Man up and get this problem solved or you will not have a job in the years to come to solve issues like this, at least at Polk that is. Hind sight is 20-20.

    I’m just giving you history, the direction you are headed (as evidenced by this thread) and where you will be in the future. The current course is not the direction to go.

    With that said, I think we all know the issue here and in life, I don’t like to present an issue without providing a solution. My suggestion for a solution is twofold;

    - Present this thread to the alphabet soup, make them aware that there is an issue before it’s too late.
    - Perhaps start a focus group that involves long-standing members that have been there to help Polk out through the years, go to and be involved with Polkfests, who have been to Polk HQ and met the many folks that really care about Polk and its future. We see things from the outside, we know what’s going on and have an interest in seeing the family we have invested countless hours/days/years/over a decade in getting to know daily. This includes the cast and characters at Polk HQ. We have suggestions on how to improve. Some of us are willing to drive up there and meet with you in person, we are so dedicated.

    Contrary to some people who seemingly have no clue as to what’s really going on here, this thread is not a complaint fest. It’s your long-standing members reaching out for what we once had. A great relationship with Polk and Polk providing top notch CS. For years if not decades, this was a mutually beneficial relationship and customer service was top notch.

    Is it wrong for us to reach out to you and get you steered in the right direction? Is it wrong for you to keep blaming the problem on us? Do we need to really reflect on those questions and get to the real problem/solution or are we going to keep seeing threads like this in Polk’s future until the company finally closes its door for good?


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