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  • Re: Im getting irrate

    Personally, I think this thread should be printed out and hand delivered to the alphabet soup of Polk and it's parent company. The CEO, CFO, CPO, CIO, Pres, VP and even Directors and managers of any involved departments.

    Polk has a problem and as mentioned before, it's not because of this forum or an avatar, the forum moderation or any other reason offered by some Polk representatives to the forum long term members.

    Look, I have no stake in this game. I'm not making any money off posting here. I've already made lifelong friends here that will remain with me whether this forum stays or goes. In other words, it does not matter to me which direction you go.

    What I do care about is being blamed for something that we used to be part of the SOLUTION for Polk.

    I can't tell you how many times over the years folks have chimed in and asked a question that didn't get answered in a timely manner (according to the new member with the issue/inquiry) and it seemed as if they were getting even more aggravated, as evidenced through their posts. Long term, dedicated members have taken the time out of their day to talk to the right person at Polk, get things answered or at the very least, phone calls made to make Polk CS or someone at Polk aware that there was an issue on the Polk forum that needed attention sooner rather than later.

    The members here chimed in one by one, comforting and reassuring them that they were in good hands, that Polk had a solid reputation of a “Top Notch” CS department and that they would be taken care of in short order. We said it because we believed it.

    I remember this one thread where a guy overseas was having an issue with contacting Polk form overseas. He was advised to call, not email for fastest service. Well, he couldn’t call during normal Polk hours due to the time difference, being at work and associated costs of said phone call or something to that effect. Basically, he couldn’t call when asked. A long-standing member took the time out of their busy day to personally call Polk HQ and apparently got ahold of the right person who provided this new member with the local Polk representative/service department overseas.

    In other words, the membership here had Polk’s back.

    Honestly, the recent history with Polk and the issues I and other long-term members have seen here since the company was sold has shown a shift from a once great relationship with forum members and CS issues/retaining and gaining more Polk customers along with a solid belief that the customer would have been taken care of because of Polk’s long standing top notch CS to where we are today.

    Take a look at this thread for a reflection of where we are today. The evidence should be blatantly clear to any of the alphabet soup or executive at Polk or its parent companies. The same long-term members that had Polk’s back no longer believe that the newly joined forum members that have issues/complaints/inquiries with Polk products will be taken care of. Why? Again, look at this thread and others on this forum as of late. There are plenty of recent ones to refernce

    Then go back and look at the threads from before Polk was sold. COMPLETELY different response from members and you could clearly tell that the long-term members had Polk’s back.

    Even the scarecrow from the movie, the Wizard of Oz could figure out what has gone on over the years. If it’s going to change, then some folks need to stop and reflect on where the problem lays. Man up, show the alphabet soup where the problem is and offer a real solution. The solution is to get Polk’s reputation for a great product backed by top notch CS where it was before.

    Otherwise Polk isn’t going to be around to address the petty and unrealistic, so called “problem” of an avatar. It’s time to stop pointing fingers. Man up and get this problem solved or you will not have a job in the years to come to solve issues like this, at least at Polk that is. Hind sight is 20-20.

    I’m just giving you history, the direction you are headed (as evidenced by this thread) and where you will be in the future. The current course is not the direction to go.

    With that said, I think we all know the issue here and in life, I don’t like to present an issue without providing a solution. My suggestion for a solution is twofold;

    - Present this thread to the alphabet soup, make them aware that there is an issue before it’s too late.
    - Perhaps start a focus group that involves long-standing members that have been there to help Polk out through the years, go to and be involved with Polkfests, who have been to Polk HQ and met the many folks that really care about Polk and its future. We see things from the outside, we know what’s going on and have an interest in seeing the family we have invested countless hours/days/years/over a decade in getting to know daily. This includes the cast and characters at Polk HQ. We have suggestions on how to improve. Some of us are willing to drive up there and meet with you in person, we are so dedicated.

    Contrary to some people who seemingly have no clue as to what’s really going on here, this thread is not a complaint fest. It’s your long-standing members reaching out for what we once had. A great relationship with Polk and Polk providing top notch CS. For years if not decades, this was a mutually beneficial relationship and customer service was top notch.

    Is it wrong for us to reach out to you and get you steered in the right direction? Is it wrong for you to keep blaming the problem on us? Do we need to really reflect on those questions and get to the real problem/solution or are we going to keep seeing threads like this in Polk’s future until the company finally closes its door for good?


  • Re: Im getting irrate

    Before Polk was sold, this thread would have taken a completely different direction.

    The member's issue would have been solved by now and Polk would have had the forum membership base all chiming in, comforting the member that he was in good hands because Polk had a long standing reputation of having top notch service.

    Not anymore and I think it's time for Polk Corporate to look in the mirror and ask yourself why. Seriously. Your reputation is long gone and getting worse, as countless threads like this can attest too.

    I read on another thread that Polk was losing customers and that the discussion was open for discussion. Now that thread is closed and we have been called bullies while at the same time, blamed for Polk's loss of customers.

    I think it's rather clear where the issue lays....and it's not because of an avatar.

  • Re: Tom's Picks - New music finds.....

    Here's another one I have recently discovered. It'll bring you back to the days of ol' and is brought tou by the man commonly referred too as the "King of Soul".

    Sam Cooke, from the album, "Ain't That Good News". This is not the greatest of recordings due to the age of the album but it's no slouch either. Better than some stuff put out today and on another planet from any one of Adele's album's.


    This album is great for a Saturday GTG with friends. If you have never been exposed to Sam Cooke, I'll invite you to check him out. Been digging him when I can lately...

  • Re: This is sad

    Regardless, there is ZERO excuse for not including this Forum. As a business and if I were in charge? The person who made this decision would either be gone or demoted.

    This is business common sense 101.

  • Re: Another off my bucket list - heard Focal Utopia Grande EM

    K_M wrote: »
    That looks like the room is far too small, and the speakers seem to be very into the corners, equal amounts from side wall and back wall.

    Thought that was a for sure "no-no"?

    I had always read that as audio law. With that said, I have noticed that many high end systems have huge bass enclosures behind the mains and cramped into or very near the corner of the room. Think Genesis1 loudspeakers.



    When I had to do something similar due to lack of room on my system wall, I thought it would sound horrid. To my surprise, there isn't any discernible overemphasis of bass notes at all. Maybe it's due to the mains handling all but the extreme lowest of frequencies, maybe it's just sheer luck. I really don't know but it sounds as if there are no deficiencies with the location(s).

    Here is another shot of a system that had 3 acustician's (<sp?) come in and measure for proper placement. This was the ideal location of the mains.


    So maybe what you and I had always thought was audio law has a great deal of "grey area".


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