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  • Re: Where do you draw the line?

    pitdogg2 wrote: »
    If I met the woman of my dreams and she wanted to watch opera, I would leave her....

    Signature material Tom

    I would be careful.

    She may simply be testing whether you have developed sophisticated taste and intelligence or, perhaps, whether you have no taste or curiosity at all.

    Or, whether you are completely self-absorbed or whether you are interested in satisfying her interests, even when they are not fully compatible with your own.

    For example, IMNSHO, anybody who categorically refuses to experience a good production of Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro" or Puccini's "La bohème" or Strauss's "Der Rosenkavelier" has not developed a very refined taste for music or sense of aesthetic and intellectual curiosity.

    Nobody has to like any of these operas, much less rave about them, but to refuse the experience of an artistic achievement of this magnitude -- well, it doesn't make sense to me.

    C'est la vie.

    De gustibus non est disputandum.

    So, I offer an opinion and speak the truth......I am now a self-absorbed, non refined, unintelligent, no taste kind of guy who has zero curiosity or interests in satisfying her interests?

    Guilty as charged. I would rather lick a toilet clean with my tongue than watch or listen that crap.....and yes, if I dated a woman (I am happily married for over a decade now) and she wanted me to go watch an opera with her? I would use my self absorbed, uneducated redneck, uninterested, no taste, no musical taste posterior and walk right out the door.

    I mean really. Why would I want to spend my life with someone who obviously has drastically different tastes than I? No thanks, I'd rather live my life with the woman I married that shares the same interests, religious, political and musical tastes as I so I can ride off into the sunset of life enjoying things with her.

    I akin watching a great opera to eating liver. FWIW, I involuntarily threw up the last time liver entered my mouth. I suppose, based upon your criteria, that I have not developed a refined taste palette as well. Again, guilty as charged.

    There are 4 things in life that I hate. Those are rap, opera, liver and terrorists. I wonder what that makes me now....

    While I can fully respect and appreciate the surprisingly hard amount of sheer talent it takes to perform an opera, that does not automatically translate into opera being something that I would like to ever listen too. If that makes me a self-absorbed, non refined, unintelligent, no tastes kinda guy?

    That's the type of guy I want and aspire to be.

  • Re: Where do you draw the line?

    Me thinks someone is being unreasonable......and it's not the woman here.

    A relationship takes 110% from BOTH SIDES in order for it to survive the long haul. Being this convoluted over a couple of rather "decent" movies suggests something that goes well beyond just watching what she would like to watch. Either change your views, outlook and how you feel you want to be involved in this woman's life or get a new woman.

    The fact that you are posting something as minuscule and irrelevant (in the whole scheme of things) is a serious issue. One that you should not spend more than 5 minutes contemplating. Either she is worth your time, effort, devotion and love or she's not. From this post? I can only gather one conclusion.

  • Re: usher dancer mini2 dmd

    If I was still in the market for speakers, I would have been all over these like white on rice!

  • Re: Soooooo......I did a thing

    Very nice, John. Like living inside your own park. Congrat's to you and yours.

  • Re: The first time you heard a "real" subwoofer after owning an entry-level sub

    Ah, then you can include them in the list as well. Thanks for clarifying. Hard hitting and massive with authority but simply no finesse at all. Superb for HT use.


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