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  • Re: Amplifier choice

    A 200 watt per channel amp for the A9's will be fine. The reason some of us don't like Emotiva amps is because of the pairing with speakers people may choose. Emo amps can be a bit bright on the top end, while RTIA speakers can also be a bit bright. Add them together and you may get fatigue listening to that combo very shortly. Some like a brighter sound, some don't. Pick which you prefer. Personally, I'd find a warmer amp to offset the brightness of the A9's.
  • Re: Polk Audio Command Bar - Official Discussion

    Personally I think they'll continue on the same path. Lifestyle products to address the changing times and good sounding speakers to stay true to their heritage.

    The forum is a different animal though. Lifestyle products don't necessarily entice people to join audio forums. In my view, audio forums are for music lovers first and foremost, followed by the HT crowd. Just my opinion on that.
  • Re: New (to me) amp: McCormack DNA-125

    Slight hum or hiss is not a trait of what makes a piece quality or not. Some just by design will have a harder/easier time with it's playmates and cabling hooked up to it. Too many variables with hum or hiss to blame one thing.
  • Re: New (to me) amp: McCormack DNA-125

    To some, realistic is no noise at all. However you have to be willing to chase it down and correct it.
    It may or may not be the piece you think is the cause. Others don't care or are accepting of a certain level of noise. Makes neither position wrong.
  • ERA D5

    like many these days, other matters dictate our wallets attention. I'm no different, just a part of life and the roller coaster of finances that go along with it. Having sold off my Legacy Focus speakers, I knew I couldn't get anywhere near their sound on the cheap, not even on the same planet, but you make sacrifices for the greater good sometimes.

    I needed something of some sort of musical quality to listen to. Like tasting fine wine, hard to go back to the cheap junk afterwards. Enter Mr. Wagner....who graciously offered up some ERA D5's in piano black. He may not want the attention, but too frickin' bad, he's getting it because the man has saved my musical life, more than once.

    Now, I'm not even going to attempt to compare these to their predecessors. I did set them up on 32 in. Pangea stands in the same spot the big guys were. Front end electronics and cabling all the same. My room is large, and the D5's are pretty small, no sub in the mix either, so my expectations were somewhat subdued. I trusted Bob's ears though, so when he told me these were musical, I take his word for it.

    Like all of you, I have certain preferences for music to play when evaluating speakers. Don't laugh at this, but the first album I played was actually a Christmas album by Manheim Steamroller. Why ? It's recorded beautifully, with various instruments and set all over the soundstage.

    Soon as I hit play, I was taken back at the clarity. These also image like a son of a beach. Instruments placed in their appropriate place....with depth of stage yet. Highs were clear as a bell, slightly rolled off in the extremes but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Has an immediacy and force, a very good Pratt to them. The bass that came out of these little suckers will shock you.....and no, it's not emphasized. Soundstage was wide, and layered. Highs also had plenty of air to float along. I was shocked at the sound these little things can produce.

    Now, the bad.....which isn't a fault of the speaker per say. I have these in a 24 by 26 room. The limitations began to show themselves as the volume rose to really high levels. I was teetering on overdriving them and backed off. They simply could not reach the spl's I was accustomed to hearing in that room. No big surprise there, they can play plenty loud, I'm just used to louder. As much as I wanted to find fault with these little black boxes, I couldn't. Any faults were my own, given my room dimensions. They played any genre of music just peachy. Quality sound was back on the menu, thanks to Mr. Wagner. These are the type of speakers that will let you know your systems weaknesses, so quality electronics/cabling definitely benefit them. The tweeter and crossover in these little things is something special considering the price point. I haven't heard sound like this from a speaker this size until you get into B&W CM'S or Focals, even then....I'd prefer these over the B&W'S and they give up little to Focals smaller bookies. Which says a lot considering the price differences.

    Are they a replacement for the big boys that left ? No...that should be obvious. Can they play beautiful music well beyond what their size and price dictates ? Absolutely, and then some. Thank you again Bob, you saved me from digging out the Bose cubes and possibly a trip to the doctor for depression. :)

    I can highly recommend these little guys if anyone is in the market for speakers in a smaller room or even desktop solutions. You'll be amazed.

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