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  • New speakers

    Picked up some 7cs, a center(don't remember the model, just know it's a smaller vintage Polk) and some klh or some other little cheapos. 40 bucks for all 5. Stereo stuff is all in storage right now, moved room and will be again soon so I haven't been using it lately. Will post pics later.
  • Re: Hate to be that guy

    I have made contact with him and a resolution is being worked out.
  • Re: Hate to be that guy

    I've had a few guys try to stiff me before telling me they are dying and other BS. I still file the complaint. I guess you could say "I am that guy" when it comes to this type of stuff.

    Not saying that's the case with this guy though but unless he's dead, he screwed you.

    If he's dead, his estate screwed you.

    Either way you're screwed because you only have so long to file a complaint and I think you're long past the limit. That's how some guys operate though. They delay and try to drag it out until the 90 day limit (or whatever it is) runs out.
    Trav is a good guy, and has been a polkie for years. I knew he was going through a rough patch before buying, by he was able to work things out with others who had bought dmdrom him, so that everyone was happy.
  • Re: Does number of copper wire strands matter? Hard to gauge?

    They were easy to build, I got the pugs with the set screws. I know you'll love what you went with, I had some sewell plugs for a wire, made for easy set up, but didn't sounds as good as my naks or bare wire.

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