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  • Re: usher dancer mini2 dmd

    lightman1 wrote: »

    Wow lightman came into some money! Look at that generous bid!!
  • Re: For sale- ATI 1505 amp

    Wow I'm blind!
  • Re: Good deal on Marantz receiver BB deal of the day

    If flakey Jimmy kinda like Tyler Durden? Who does your wife like better in bed?
  • Re: Polk Signature Series Official Discussion

    msg wrote: »
    Luckily, on the ranch in the compound in Utah, there's plenty of room for all the sisterwives and children.

    Then keep the speakers coming and you may as well get an HT and 2 channel setup for every wife! Don't want em fighting over the stereo lol...
  • Re: Ever Been Chased?

    dromunds wrote: »
    I was kayaking down this river in Northern Wisconsin with a bunch of high school buddies. We're in the middle of nowhere. Nice shallow, slow river. We come around a corner and suddenly there's a four "greasers" standing in the river with guns pointed at us. One of them says to my buddy, "How's about you just get up in them there woods?" We have no choice. We are escorted out of the river and up into the woods in single file. These guys then group us together, and one starts walking around us in a circle while the others keep the guns on us. One of my buddies is kind of overweight. The guy who's circling says to him, "You got a pretty mouth, boy!" Then he says, "Let's you just drop them shorts." "And them panties, too. Take 'em right off." While my buddy is undoing the buckle of his shorts, I don't know I just went nuts with pure adrenaline and grabbed the gun from the greaser closest to me, and I shot him. I turn the gun to another greaser and

    Is this a joke???

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