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  • Re: Audioquest Forest Interconnects - A/B USB - Silver, Sold

    Nice grab Scott!
  • Re: CABLE TALK??

    Fine discrimination takes time, effort, and money to develop, whether that be food, wine, music, art, anything involving sense perception. Tony has it right, most of us don’t have the time or money to really develop fine discrimination. And yes, social media just means everyone’s a critic, even when they have never even tried to develop their palates.
  • Re: Martin Logan Vantage Speakers

    FestYboy wrote: »
    kharp1 wrote: »
    Joey_V wrote: »
    We don’t know why they’re all packed up. But it could be for many reasons... he could be moving or he just wants them ready to go.

    Most of the time when we buy equipment it is sight unseen and unheard other than pics posted, so I don’t find this to be anywhere close to a deal breaker.

    The vantage (I’ve owned it before) are cumbersome but easy to pack and unpack, I’m sure if someone were really interested and local, they can open up the box and take a quick look.

    I agree, it’s his prerogative if he wants it auditioned, but that should not hurt sales.

    It’s his house and his rules.

    All true, but he doesn't have to be an azz about it.

    Late to the party @kharp1 ... Situation has been resolved.

    wait, did he apologize? I must've missed it ;-)
  • Re: Tidal v Spotify

    TNTsTunes wrote: »
    What I need to find is a good cheap source of flacs or other lossless files to add to my collection. Then internet streaming wouldn't be necessary.

    So you just want someone to give you a bunch of cd quality files for free?!?
  • Re: Cook Book storage

    My iPad ;-)

    And so as not to be a complete d, the few actual cook books we own are on these some plates, candles, and decor:

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