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  • Re: Bookshelf speaker recommendation?

    I think the S20s would be close enough as surrounds, and the general verdict here on the forum is that they have a smoother top to bottom response than the rtia3s making them a more musical speaker. I would consider them!
  • Re: Polk Signature S60 -- too much treble?

    One thing I will note is that a rug that will actually positively affect your space from a design perspective will most definitely NOT be your cheapest solution. In a room that large you will need at least an 8x10 rug to help, and a quality, good looking rug that size will cost you at least $200 bucks. At that price I would buy a new receiver first...
  • Re: Customer Service second to none.

    Thats good to hear. Especially since the last year or so has been a bit rough. A lot ofvus had leas than stellar experiences and were very surprised. Hope this is back to normal business as usual!
  • Re: Marantz PM-14S1 integrated VS. separate preamp & power amp

    tonyb wrote: »
    amps in general usually don't need servicing for around 20 years, give or take a few years depending on quality. Don't be afraid to buy used, just get a grasp on who your buying from and stay away from Ebay.

    US Audiomart
    Craigslist the FM.

    3 brands to look for used, Parasound/B&k/ McCormack.....with the last one being my personal favorite. All should sound sweet on those LSIM's though.

    Honestly, I have bought a good number of amps, one or two off audiogon, several from here over the years, and numerous ones from fleabay. I have had three that I got REALLY cheap go bad, all three brands known for failure. If you buy from a good seller with good pics and description, and take your 45 days to inspect and test, you shouldn’t have any problems. If you do, just send it back for a refund, eBay protects the buyer. And on top of that, you can buy a squaretrade warranty. I just got a check from a wine fridge that went bad after 3 years. Basically only cost me the price of the warranty for three years of use. So I personally wouldn’t just outright avoid eBay fwiw...
  • Re: Any experience with Sonance???

    I use a sonaance sonamp 260x3 as my multi zone whole house amp for the past 7 years without a hitch. Bought it on eBay for like 50 bucks. For garage/patio or just background music it’s perfect. Sound quality is not on par with comparably power rated parasound, rotel, or even adcom. But it gets the job done in the aforementioned applications fwiw...

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