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  • Re: It was on this day in 1954 that the first transistor radio appeared on the market.

    I thought the most interesting part of Garrison's little blurb was how such a small, innocent-seeming piece of technology (and something seemingly unremarkable by today's standard's let be honest) literally revolutionized culture and paved the way for the advent of rock n roll.

    And here as someone raised in the 80s and 90s, I thought it was the walkman lol...
  • Re: Signature 60 vs. RTI A9

    The general consensus here is to stay away from pro amps for powering full range speakers. For subs they are fine. They are not designed for finesse or linearity, but rather filling a large venue with loud sound for hours. So they do not sound good with home speakers...

    The difference (that matters) between a receiver and a dedicated amp is current, not watts. And the difference (that matters) in output is not decibels, but sound quality. More current makes everything sound better. Bass will be tighter and dig deeper as those woofers will "wake up" (i.e. have enough current to fully engage them), the individual instruments will be more easily discernable, the sound will be less compressed or congested sounding, etc. And especially at low volumes, you will hear a big difference in quality.

    Look for a Parasound HCA-1200 or 1500, or a rotel or B&K with 200 watts per channel. Used is your friend, do not be afraid...
  • Re: Vegas

    You can't legislate against crazy!

    I want to say so many things in response, but that would only accelerate the rate of this thread's inevitable closure, so I will refrain.
  • Re: Calling all landlords

    I have done remodels at both our homes (some on my own, more by contractors) and rented our first house for about 1.5 years because we were in the same situation you are now. In hindsight, I should rented longer as the market has no exploded here due to Fixer Upper (I pass Magnolia Silos every day on my way to work).

    In my experience both being a renter and a landlord, the key is finding responsible tenants. When we rented, I was in seminary, and the landlord gave us $100 off per month because we had no pets (the rule), no kids (his preference) and I was a seminary student and my wife worked at the university. In other words, he knew we were responsible nerds lol. He owned multiple homes in that neighborhood, and he typically rented to grad students for the same reason.

    When we rented our home, the office manager in my university department's daughter was moving back to town, her and her husband had just finished MAs, and both had good jobs at the VA. I probably could have rented it for a bit more, but it was WELL worth it to me to rent it to them and know there would be no problems, and there were none.

    So all that is to say, if you rent, profile. It might be illegal in state, so be careful how you go about it. Now, if you own multiple complexes and lots of rental properties, I think that this an ethical problem and should be illegal. But if you own one home a good distance from you I don't have a problem with it.

    And I think that Tony's advice is sound. Here in Waco, I would higher the guy that did my kitchen in a heartbeat and have him update the kitchens and bath and put a fresh coat of paint on the whole house, maybe update a few fixtures as well. I know I would get my money back and more. But that's here. You need to run comps in your area and know what you can realistically get and whether or not the remodel is worth it...

    Good luck!
  • Re: Turn my AVR into Preamp?

    I'll be honest...I went from a marantz nr1403 with an external amp for the mains to a Rotel RSP-1069 pre/pro (no built in amp) and then back to a marantz sr5007. The system is for netflix tv and music, and if anything the marantz sounds slightly better all around. The two channel music might have been slightly smoother on the rotel, maybe, but tv/movies sound sooo much better on the marantz. So I would just add an amp for the 703s and call it.

    FYI I finally upgrade to a rotel rb-993 200 wpc amp for the LSiM fronts, and that's when those 703s just really woke up. So I would recommend either a rotel rb-991 (the two channel version) or newer equivalent, or a parasound hca 1200 or 1500. Your ears will thank you...

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