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  • Re: Does Polk make a CS140

    No it’s a CSi40
  • Re: New Polk HTS Subwoofers

    VoodooGTS wrote: »
    Which would be better. 1 SVS SB-2000 or (2)Polks new HTS 12 subwoofer ? Tempted !

    Depends in part on room and application. If you going to run them in true stereo for music, then two is better than one. Especially if its a larger room. However, the SVS will provide stronger output in the 20-30 hz range and more output overall, and take less space. So, unless you are running true stereo for music, I would go with the SVS.
  • Re: halo's MOVING on SALE - Amp, Speakers, Cables, Stands, & more!

    I recently purchased some Dynaudio Emit M10s (basically the newer version of the Dynaudio DM 2/6) for the bedroom, and man they are some really, really sweet sounding speakers. I like them better than the LSiM703s overall. They don't dig quite as deep or have quite the dynamic slam of the 703s, but they are half the size, half the retail price, and the treble is much better, and the bass is much tighter. Overall a very coherent and musical little speaker.

    So what I am saying is someone buy these Dynaudio DM 2/6, I'm sure they are really sweet!

  • Re: Signature 60 vs. RTI A9

    The general consensus here is to stay away from pro amps for powering full range speakers. For subs they are fine. They are not designed for finesse or linearity, but rather filling a large venue with loud sound for hours. So they do not sound good with home speakers...

    The difference (that matters) between a receiver and a dedicated amp is current, not watts. And the difference (that matters) in output is not decibels, but sound quality. More current makes everything sound better. Bass will be tighter and dig deeper as those woofers will "wake up" (i.e. have enough current to fully engage them), the individual instruments will be more easily discernable, the sound will be less compressed or congested sounding, etc. And especially at low volumes, you will hear a big difference in quality.

    Look for a Parasound HCA-1200 or 1500, or a rotel or B&K with 200 watts per channel. Used is your friend, do not be afraid...
  • Re: Vegas

    deronb1 wrote: »
    At this point, all we can do is just hope nothing like this happens again.

    Sure glad we said that about slavery and child labor! Just s#it in one hand and wish in the other...

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