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  • 2.3TL and 1.2TL updates

    I figured I would carry over the updates from the FS thread below to a new one.

    My friend is doing an all out remodeling project so I got my carpet sliders back for a day before Thanksgiving. I decided to move the 1.2's in place first since once the 2.3's are in place they will be there for a while, the SDA cable for my 1C's was already there, and the less shuffling of speakers around the better.

    The highs of the 1.2's are better than I thought, but a bar stool height is a little better as mentioned in the other thread. The very low bass is heaven compared to the 1C's, although as others have mentioned, and I have to agree, in stock form it seams a little thick, and in some cases not so tight. These SL3000's sound better than the ones in my 11TL's. I really only got a few hours of critical listening, and 1 day of enjoying the power and volume while walking around busy with other things.

    I hope to be listening to the 2.3's by Christmas.
  • Re: Acoustic Control Corp 626 -any info out there?

    :o WOW!!!
  • Re: Modded 2.3TLs w/ 1000 va Dreadnaught and custom MIT Shotgun cables

    Hopefully making the road trip this weekend.
  • Re: Monitor 10A Tweeter Conundrum

    Many people prefer the peerless and they are valued. There is no replacement for the peerless other than a knock off. Any of the newer polk tweeters will not be a drop in replacement for 2 major reasons. The face plate and mounting holes are different, and the speakers and crossovers in the later models are different, so they can't be mixed and matched. The peerless tweeters still have value. The SL series of polk tweeters have little value. Polk makes superior replacement tweeters as drop in replacements for the SL series of tweeters. If you have tweeters with a silver metal face that look like the peerless (SL1000), then you have a unique animal and more information is required.

    Just some FYI
    The replacements for the SL2000 tweeters are RD0-194, and the replacements for the SL2500 & SL3000 are RD0-198. The SL2000 / 194 tweeters are electronically different from the others and therefore require different crossovers. Physically they are interchangeable. Since people rebuild crossovers due to age and deterioration of the capacitors in them, many people change the crossover to the 198 tweeter since they feel it sounds a little better than the 194. This is known as the a TL / SL3000 mod.

    IMO I was not impressed at all with the SL2500 tweeter.
  • Re: 5B's & RD0-194's?

    F1nut wrote: »
    I think the Peerless copies that Mid-West sells would be a better choice, should drop in and match the crossover better than the RD0194.
    F1nut wrote: »
    Up to you, but you might want to spare your ears from those SL1000's as quickly as possible.

    2nd @F1nut, but I think you will need to rebuild the crossovers like peerless M5's. It depends what model MW's were used in these. IMO even if you used electrolytic caps, the replacement Mid-West Audio tweeters would sound better.

    I have to admit the only SL1000's I heard in some 5jr's were crisp, clean, and sounded pretty detailed, but this was before I really thought about listening fatigue. When I got back home, IMO I liked the overall sound of my M4's with the triforce tweeter better. The SL1000's were bright, but not necessarily louder. I like the sound of peerless even better than the triforce tweeter. I can listen to either of these for hours.

    One last thing. Check the outside diameter of the PR surrounds for cracks.

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