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  • Re: RTA-11T How much is too much power?

    "With great power comes great responsibility. With little power comes greater responsibility."

    This is the motto of amps and speakers combos.

    In most cases the less an amp has to work to drive speakers the happier it is and the better the sound.
  • Re: Vintage Monitor and SDA Speaker Deals

    No contest, get the peerless. If the prices were flipped I'd still get the peerless. I have the 4A's with the triforce tweeter. They are good, but, IMO don't have a lot of value unless you want some small bookshelfs.
  • Re: Building a pair of Polk Monitor 10's

    This was one of my favorite builds to read about, and I am still amazed at the wood work. I have no idea on a price. 10's get less love. :/ Others would know more.

    I would be really intrigued see what these would be like converted to SDA's. A crossover from a CRS / 2B? would be needed and I think new drivers as well. Someone else may know more about the cabinet size and how the PR would react. I don't recall if the 10 and CRS share that as well. That may bring new life to these for you, and more interest if you decide to sell them.
  • Re: which speakers are better?

    Right now SVS are the best bang and overall sound for the buck. That does not mean you have to jump in to them right away. Search craigslist or other places for something used to grow with. With a good sub even the 30-40Hz range has more impact without being louder.

    For amps, again used is a great way to start. I started with an old Hafler amp and pre-amp for ~$300 years ago. What a difference it was over my receiver and other systems. I have slowly grown my system over the years as deals have popped up. Now I have a Parasound amp and pre-amp. It also was an improvement over the Hafler, although, not as big of a jump in sound quality as it is in power and refinement. Should I decide to go with something else, I can probably get what I paid for it, or at worst, loose just a little.

    Everyone is great at spending other peoples money, but I have found most of the advice here is great. You may need to filter it a little for your immediate needs, but in general people will help steer you within a budget.
  • Re: Monitor 5b issue- known good tweeter is silent. Might be crossover?

    TBH I am a little lost to the status of the situation, but I want to be sure to mention, just in case you missed it. You will have continuity checking both sides of the fuse holder. The fuse is completing the circuit, just like the continuity meter is. The continuity meter is used to check the condition of the fuse, close or open (blown).

    What F1nut showed in the picture could be the problem. The wires could be corroded. They can pass a continuity test sometimes, but in reality cannot handle any real current. The corroded wire is acting like a big resistor or once it sees higher current its resistance skyrockets, so no sound is heard from the tweeter.
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