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  • Re: Wear earplugs to rock concerts at age ___ ?

    I had won back stage passes to a Jethro Tull concert. When it came time to meet and greet there was like 35 people when there was supposed the be us two. Ian Anderson brought the others back because he moved their seats to a different location that was much worse viewing wise than the seats they bought. During sound check that had found a particular kHz frequency that would of destroyed hearing for those sitting in that section of seats. Ian was starting to explain this when one guy decided to get a little feisty. That guy was quickly escorted out. The rest he told that yes they had good seats but the tone they had found would of made their ears ring and weeks later they would of started to lose hearing unless they had brought ear plugs. He asked how many brought ear plugs, no hands went up. That for me was the beginning of my ear plug use. All those folks got CD's, posters and shirts for the Rock Island tour they were on.
    We ended up with personal pictures with all the members and Ian signed my wife's pants leg and other swag. All in all he spent a good 2 hours with us. I thought it was very considerate of him to think about the folks that come to see his shows hearing safety.
  • Re: hooking two speaker wires into on plug..

    msg wrote: »
    I have some Signal Ultra that uses two runs of 4S8. Not bi-wire, just standard banana/spade.

    I think you're right 4s8 either way i noticed it was Carnare when i reterminated my ultras. I have given some thought to doing a dual run of 4s11 for kicks :p
  • Re: Sunfire Cinema Grand 5 x 200 or Parasound 5250 v2 for HT

    pitdogg2 wrote: »

    Off to fix my a stiff gin and tonic

    Can I have one!

    I need one after being roughed up by this crowd!


    Fix your own
  • Re: Post a picture... any picture

    This makes for a happy Fathers day :p



    My score today RT55i pair. They have typical small blemishes on bottom and a couple scratches but look darn nice.
  • Re: Im getting irrate

    Now Ken lets hear the whole story.....

    Inexcusable packing, inexcusable customer service. Epic failure on both accounts.
    Put on Facebook put it on Twitter let the whole world see...

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