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  • Re: Admit it, you bought something from DAK industries ...

    My very first subwoofer WAY back in the day..... I bought it soon after I paid off my loan on my Cerwin Vega D7's .... gosh those parties were EPIC !!
  • Re: Polk Audio Super Bowl Party...

    does that mean you're supplying the boooze?
  • Re: infinity RS5b - And so it Begins - a Little Spit & Polish

    MrBuhl wrote: »
    Not sure honestly, I did end up buying foam replacements. I'd be afraid changing the surround material might change the compliance of the woofer?

    It would yes
    The new foam for it will last longer than the last as they are made out if different stuff than 20 years ago.
  • Re: infinity RS5b - And so it Begins - a Little Spit & Polish

    MrBuhl wrote: »
    That was from the Factory like that?

    Hey David - yep, just like pic #2 above - I'm thinking I need to lay flat that one that I stood up again, and pickup the other one and stand that one on end and rotate, or should I just rotate the one I stood up? I'm uncertain if the third inductor there is iron or air core but either way, seems like moving both may be the best solution?
    ALL212 wrote: »
    Nice job!

    That little cigar shaped thing is an inductor also (says mh on it). If you decide to reorient it be careful as the iron core could break if that glue is strong and you have to force removal

    Thanks! I'm not going to the inductor replacement level on these "rescue" speaks, hard to believe an iron core could break that easy tho!

    Ferrite is very fragile. It can shatter very easily.
    What Aaron is talking about is the little one between the iron core inductor and the rheostat thing marked 5ohm 5w.
  • Re: Odyssey Audio Lorelei's

    They sound sweet i have heard them with my own ears.
    Great seller here folks

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