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  • Re: Silver is bright right?

    A former member who passed away a few yrs ago.
  • Re: interaural effect on some records

    I'm not off base. Emlyn hit it right there. Even though they are stereo they still recorded and mastered mono like recording. Bass and drums on one side vocals and guitar's on the other side or vice versa. Some early stereo recording are horribly mono like. They really had no idea how to set up mic's to get the best effect and lets not forget stereo at first was 3 channel left, right and center.
  • Re: Almost done

    What is the story with the beautiful globe? It caught my eye; too bad the remote doesn't spin it. Antique?

    It appears to be one of those that is made from different rocks. Correct me if I'm wrong. But if it is I have seen both sizes of them large and small and yes they are very beautiful works of art. I believe the oceans are lapis lazuli
  • Re: RTA 11TL - recapping/mod

    mrbadmf wrote: »
    Allright. Great tips.
    But just wondering, has someone tried an adhesive bitumen (or asphalt) coating inside? I know there are high end speaker builders who use it for deadening resonance...

    You might look into blackhole5. A strip on the back panel behind the woofers works well. I wouldn't line the cabinet with it it'll suck the life and music out of the speaker. A little goes a long way. This is used with the dacron not in place of.

  • Re: Does alien life exist?

    Speaking of pyramids how was it thst two cultures were building similar structures on two different continents? Sailing was not as simple when they were built.
    But maybe they hired out to the local pyramid contractor

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