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  • Re: Is this "Monster Signature Refrence Power Cleaner / surge protector " worth 200.00 ?

    Not only do they rarely work on a direct hit, most will drop the signal anywhere from 1-3db that can be enough to really furbar the signal at the display. On my OTA tower antenna i bought lightning arresters that the inside house cable/Dish went through at the grounding block. They didn't drop signal at all but like a fuse went toast before anything made it to the TV or am/fm tuner. Parts express sold them cheap enough I'd buy several at a time. My Dish Network guy turned me on to them after he about pulled his hair out trying to figure my loss of signal at the box. When he seen the cable going through my surge suppressor behind the TV stand he was like dude why didn't you tell about this a half hour ago... whoops lol
  • Re: The Most Famous Speaker in the History of Rock

    verb wrote: »
    Too bad these never really took off ...


    At 10g for a set they sold pretty darn well. Something south of 1000 sets sold. That was a ton of money for the time.
    You needed a large room of course as well.
  • Re: Vintage Monitor and SDA Speaker Deals

    250GTLusso wrote: »
    @pitdogg2, I was going by the wood grain across the front of the end caps, but you might be right. I have asked the seller. Waiting for a response.

    yep but they have some torn surrounds as well not a 1100.00 speaker IMHO. If they do not have a cable to go with as well, then I'd be hard pressed to offer half that amount. I'd have to get eyes on them before any discussion could also have froze VC's
  • Re: Is there a way to measure polyfill accurately?

    I might tend to agree Doc if I was more smarter. :D I have noticed that some speakers are stuffed to the gills, while others are just a smidgen or two. My SDA1 signatures are stuffed. The roll is very tight and leaves a impression from the back of the speaker magnets. Now since I am not the first owner who's to say that someone along the line of owners didn't put more in ? It is one long sheet rolled up and sits tightly in the chambers. On the other hand I have seen SDA2.3TL's that have a small 1.5" dacron sheet rolled up that barely will stay up behind the midwoofers. If you owned a set like that would you put more in to the point like my own speakers, stuffed in tightly to impress upon the magnets?
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  • Re: Making Jumpers with Multiple Conductors - Twist or Not?

    Tony M wrote: »
    F1nut wrote: »
    Most, if not all of the major cable manufacturers solder their connections. If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me.

    I would think they use " Silver Solder " too. Right ?

    Some do not use solder at all, cold welded.

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