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  • Re: hooking two speaker wires into on plug..

    Never happened to me. I used them with Audioquest mammoth cables. Those are like heavy garden hoses and an 8gauge cable. Still had multiple gauge wires and the tubes kept the smaller gauge wires tight. Without the crimp tubes i found the smaller gauge wires would work loose if you put too tight of twist on them (sm gauge wire) they would break.
    The weakest link in the audioquest speaker cable is the tiny gauge wire they use with the larger gauge wire. IME they are the first to break.
  • Re: SDA-2B Left Channel not working

    I'd push the drivers in to see if they move freely. Try to do it in such a way that you push straight back. If they do not move freely or you feel scratchy as they move could be the magnets have failed on the back of the drivers. At that point you will need new or used drivers. Pull them and remember which go where label the side with painters blue tape. IF they are 2b you should have MW6503 and MW6511 drivers in each cabinet. MW6511 will be outside drivers.
  • Re: I want to wrap my remotes

    Bruce just turn them inside out that way you get two uses out of them :p
  • Re: RTA 11T vs Monitor 11T? What's the difference?

    pretty sure they switched the name from Monitor 11 to RTA11T for the first gen. Then TL for the second gen. Everything I see in the vintage the PCB board for both the M11 and RTA11 use the same caps and resistors. RTA11 T once again I think the T stood for Tower and the TL was then for Tri-lam tweeter.

    Its confusing for sure. All I know is I should of bought a set back in the day new they were offered to me for an ungodly cheap price and I PASSED worst decision I ever made.
  • Re: Mid range drivers for RTA12s

    They're 6.5" and you would need to pull one to see which MW number the driver is. I'd first suspect magnet slipped and locked up the voice coil. You can gently push in evenly around the center dust cap and see if it moves freely. If it don't shifted magnet, if you feel a lot of scratchyness as it moves still could be shifted magnet or could be it was way over driven at one point and toasted voice coil.
    Most of the drivers can still be bought used but some are more difficult to get ahold of.
    There are at least 3 different generations of those speakers all a little different and they used different drivers.
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