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  • Re: The Most Famous Speaker in the History of Rock

    mikeyb128 wrote: »
    mhardy6647 wrote: »
    Most JBL horns do "ice pick" me :(
    (and Klipsch -- well, the Cornwalls have been gone from our house for a pretty long time)

    I'm finally starting to catch on vis-a-vis the sweet, smooth horns, thanks to enablers like Joe Rosen :)

    This being said, I'm open-eared when it comes to the current JBL offerings -- although they're not the super-high-sensitivity JBLs of old (which is a bit of a demotivator for a fleapower guy like me).

    I’ve never enjoyed horns, I’ve always felt they were ice picks in my ears. These JBL’s are so smooth and none fatiguing, it’s really quite impressive. And although I find them ugly, the finish is absolutely top notch, and I could easily live with them in my living room. They are very big though!

    Horns can be really bad, especially to the rookies in the shop. You can lure them under the hood...and press the button... :)
  • Re: A Bluefox kinda Friday night...

    Now, should I unleash the hybrid rig in 2.1 mode or just throw on surround...awwww 2.1...the SDAs throw an image like crazy!
  • Re: Polk Audio Command Bar - Official Discussion

    Ok, my turn at the soapbox.

    Polk, Sound United, why release a new sound bar? I know they sell like hotcakes and they are all the rage BUT look here,


    See how many issues posted here by new users are sound bar issues? Now while it's all good and grand to post a number to call it appears some users are wanting forum support, something you aren't doing. I see time to time Ken S post the number to call in the US and the original poster isn't in the US. Sometimes overseas by a long shot too. Now you add another feature that will require SOLID WiFi connectivity on top of possibly a wireless connection to the subwoofer etc. have you done more testing with several WiFi routers and access points to ensure connections? See what I'm getting at here?

    You WILL have a flood of posts here from new buyers wanting quick damn near instant support on the forums and on social media like Twitter and Facebook, no one wants to call a number anymore and sit on hold. Thanks Millennials Look at a company named Schiit Audio, yeah that is their real name and it sounds exactly as you'd think and they actually encourage email contact over calling and are proud of their response time, something I can actually attest to.

    Now the Alexa integration? How many countries do you intend on selling this thing in and how many are actually supported? Canada for one just came online to Alexa very recently, and I'll be honest, the Amazon commercials for Alexa up here rub me and many Canadians the wrong way with how things are said but I digress. Alexa isn't available worldwide obviously.

    Just some observations is all, see where my and others shyness and remarks about this geewhizbangwowee product comes from? Sure integrating as many features into one product can be great but like I say in my line of work as I fix cars for a living, put more stuff into a car and there's more to go wrong and it usually does.

    I do apologize if I am slamming it but I'm not honestly, just pointing out some stuff that needs to be thought of is all. I'll get off my soap box now.
  • Re: CABLE TALK??

    I prefer synthetic rope cable to steel cable for use in winches...

  • Re: New Years Resolutions!

    lightman1 wrote: »
    Quitting this forum...

    I sense epic failure with this one, no matter how hard you will try to get out...we will suck you back into the vortex! :)

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