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  • Re: New 2000 Cherokee XJ - Need Some Recommendations Polkies!

    If memory serves...speaker size is 5.25 in that thar rig....mounting a 6.5 will require mods of course. Honestly, focus on the fronts and delete the rear speakers...amp em and put a decent sub in there...somewhere if you can.
  • Re: Tripod for Audyssey mic

    dolbyd wrote: »
    Thorton wrote: »

    Cool Thanks guys.
    I will place an order and get rid of this cardboard setup.
    I have also helped a few coworkers with their settings and it is done.
    I’m guessing a tripod should be more accurate too.

    Yeah, you can pretty much put the mid where your head would be. That said you just need a cheap as hell tripod...like anything from Walmart for like $20...I wouldn't put my Canon T3i with the Sigma 150-500 lens on that but a calibration mic...sure.
  • Re: Hi Sal

    On a somewhat side note, in order to meet stricter new California environmental restrictions, NASA is requiring astronauts to clean up after themselves prior to being allowed re-entry.


    Go pro!

  • Re: WTB: Phono preamp

    Clipdat wrote: »
    Is it always on? I don't see a power switch.
    nbrowser wrote: »
    Find one of these, excellent performance for it's price and size. one found it's way here....not leaving any time soon sadly.


    Yep, plug it in and forget it. It draws so little power that Parasound just doesn't put a switch on it. Mine's been on steady since the day it arrived, no ill has come to it.
  • Re: Shopping for a new laptop is...

    Clipdat wrote: »
    So the only advantage to letting the Intel integrated chipset handle basic Windows 2d tasks, YouTube, etc. is for battery/power savings?
    nbrowser wrote: »
    Clipdat wrote: »
    Do some tests on battery only power too, just to see how long it can crank on battery only!

    I have a feeling it won't last too long lol. I've already been into the nVidia Control Panel and set the laptop to kinda forget about the Intel HD Graphics chip and use only the GTX 1050! Yeah performance all the way! The old Acer...you could WATCH the battery meter go down the second you naked the power cord if you were gaming...it was really on battery life.

    Pretty much. Unlike in say my main desktop where with the presence of the 1080 in the top PCI-E slot disables the integrated graphics on a laptop both stay enabled to allow for long battery life when it's loafing.

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