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  • Re: Tesla Model III

    I’m proud of you Sal for loosing all that weight so you could fit in that car. Used to be a time that a Terex Titan was needed just to get you to the grocery store.


    Now if only they made something big enough for your ego...

    Nice truck, been to it and stood beside it. Not too far down highway 3 in Sparwood BC. Obviously...lol. Not far off the highway either.
  • Re: You all is smart ;-) a wheel/tire/TPMS question, if I might?

    Ok I do this for a living and know the Toyota thing...yeah the set will have to be programmed to the vehicle once again including the spare...every spring and fall. My shop has a few TPMS programming tools that we use to tell vehicles to talk to sensors. Only brand of vehicles that is capable of automatically relearning new sensors or a set of winter wheels with sensors is Chrysler stuff.
  • Re: Help identifying.

    Definitely not TLs with the lousy SL2000s in them.
  • Re: What Are You Listening To?

    Tony M wrote: »
    nbrowser wrote: »
    On the bedroom system, shouldn't sound this decent for the frankenstein but it does for some odd reason...then again letting the SR6008 handle DAC duties rather than the Mac Mini it's playing from via iTunes helps a LOT. Optical connection too.

    Honourary Vancouver British Columbians!


    Heart sounds good on the cheapest radios I own. The early years that is. I used to use "Barracuda" as a speaker system testing song. Hearts rendition of "Stairway to Heaven" at that recognition concert with some of the original Led Zeppelin members and Barack Obama was THE FINEST cover of that song EVER DONE !imho.

    That performance was at the Kennedy Center Honors (Kennedy Centre Honours...Sorry the Canadian in me!). That rendiotion moved Plant and Page quite a bit. It's on YouTube for anyone wanting to see Heart do Stairway so damn well, they nailed it.
  • Re: Curbside Rescue Project

    xschop wrote: »
    Nbrowser, I prefer the more subtle approach by offering the offended party a nice side of cheese and crackers.... to go with all that whine.

    Unfortunately...F1 isn't a snowflake and I feel that I didn't hurt his feelings. :)

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